Ways to Glam-up Your Personal Style

10 Simple Ways to Glam-up Your Personal Style

“Oh, I wish I could look as gorgeous as her.”

“Ugh, what I’d give to look half as amazing as her.”

This is the thinking of almost every other woman we see today. Every woman is pretty in their own way. Why we are more impressed with someone else’s style is because they try to highlight their aesthetics more brilliantly.

Fret not. We are here to save every pretty princess from their constant dilemma. We offer you an easy guide on how you can upgrade yourself in terms of fashion. All you need to do is be up-to-date with the ongoing trends and ensure that you’ve got a glowing and healthy skin.

Your Style Speaks Volumes

Your personal style is based on one essential element: health-of your body and your skin.

The impact of personal appearance goes way beyond having a strong first impression. Great style offers you the opportunity to feel genuinely fantastic and satisfied with yourself.

We now begin to offer you ten creative ways you can get a fresher look. So buckle up and get ready to doll yourself up.

1. Eat Hygienically

You are what you eat. Period!

So make sure to incorporate healthy and nutritious food in your diet. You need not go on a strict diet where you starve yourself and only drink water. Oh, good, Lord, no!

Just focus more on greens, fresh fruits, and seafood. Try avoiding carbs and fats. We said it before, and we say it again, the trick to looking truly gorgeous is eating healthy. Eat nutrient-abundant food and vitamins that will make your skin smoother, more supple, and lustrous.

The results sound tempting, eh?

Glam-up Your Personal Style

2. Glow your Skin and Face

We can’t stress enough about skincare. Skincare is essential and can make you stand out in a crowd even if you don’t put much effort into anything else.

An amazing pro-tip for you:

Instead of heavy-duty beauty treatments, you should choose home-made fruit packs.

They are incredibly soothing and have no side-effects. These organic skin treatments will also offer you a different shine that stays for a very long time.

Time to time, you should get a little sun exposure as well. Though, even if you’re out in the sun a lot, it’s not a very big issue. Just make sure to have lots of water and be regular about your nightly skincare routine.

3. Shoes are a part of your body

The first impression matters a lot, and it lasts for a long time. Hence, an intelligent woman with a good fashion sense will always pay attention to her footwear.

Shoes are one of those accessories that instantly grab attention. The kind of shoes you wear is very critical with regard to your overall appeal.

Now, we don’t mean you go bankrupt by going crazy over branded shoes. You just need to have a sense of choice and a cheap shoe store. Keep this tip in mind: Money doesn’t define your style.

It is assumed that shoes tend to represent the personality of a woman. An individual can learn quite a bit about a woman from pointing out the shoe selection in her wardrobe.

So, make sure you have the right shoe pair in your closet for daily wear. Remember, you have to make a lasting impression on the world.

What better way of making that impression than your fashion sense screaming your precious worth for you?

4. Dressing right is the basics

Your closet is a reflection of your personality. Make sure to keep it chic and unique, just like you.

Spice it up by adding new styles and colors. You should alter your wardrobe routinely to upgrade it with the trends and style of the season.

Start by refreshing your stock of work and daily wears. You make a statement from your daily wear. So, stock on sleek blazers, tie blouses, and your formal skirts and pants.

Don’t hesitate to try some ruffle blouses and dresses this season. These gorgeous clothes are an utter rage and forever trending in the market.

5. Dress smartly

Rather than purchasing something unique for every occasion, try to get a few flexible dresser items in your wardrobe.

Make sure that you choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. If they look good on you, then you will be able to wear them over and over again. Accessorize with creativity, and it will never feel like the same look.

Choose smartly between formal and daily wear. If you’re a smart fashionista, you can be the talk of the town with some out-of-the-box style. You can opt for a women’s leather jacket in vibrant colors. Get a black jacket for a traditional look. Or, you can get one in red to attract all the attention.


we repeat: dress with creativity.

If done right, you are sure to land yourself some heavy attention and wow people with your charismatic elegance.

6. Dress what you want to express

An ideal wardrobe should be a manifestation of your imagination. Discover yourself – what you desire, what you want to express to the world.

Like we mentioned before, your outfit reflects your personality. This being said, it must also be appropriate for your organizational culture, the community you live in, and overall lifestyle.

A formal organizational dress-code means more skirts and pants to go with sophisticated blouses. Though, if your work environment is casual, you can purchase more jeans and knits.

7. Confidence is the key

Nobody can tell what the size tag inside your dress reads. You shouldn’t lose your sleep over it.

The emphasis should not be on fitting in the smallest size possible. It should be on how you want to express yourself with elegance, no matter what size you are.

Feel confident in whatever you’re wearing. Having a size-zero figure shouldn’t make you feel confident — how you feel in your own skin should.

It’s your thoughts that matter. Be proud of your skin, stand upright with boldness, and smile wider. Voila, people will notice, and they will respect you because you respect yourself.

8. Accessorize yourself rightly

Try to wear something extraordinary and attractive. Make your outfit appealing with the standout bracelets, rings, chokers, and hair accessories.

No matter what you want to wear, make sure your accessories don’t get overdue. Keep it minimal; keep it stylish.

For a more feminine look, you can wear some bright necklaces or combine elegant layered jewelry alongside a stylish blouse. You can get an immediate appeal-boost from a sleek ear cuff or layered rings. Wearing pearls can also make you appear more elegant and lady-like in an instant.

You can also wear a patterned sweater while replacing your normal go-to black boots with some edgy ankle booties. Or, you can just grab a colorful clutch to add a little funkiness in your ensemble.

9. Go Red and Black

Black isn’t the only color that can emphasize your features and aesthetics. Though black and red certainly are very effective in making eyes pop-out and highlighting your curves and whatnot.

Wear black with a touch of gold. It is trendy in current times. It is because it carries attractive instincts and leaves positive vibes over others.

So, if you want to be flashy and attractive, the color choice should be on point. According to the survey, black and red are very attractive and preferred by both genders.

10. Trust yourself

The single most crucial aspect of your style is to be faithful to yourself. Do not focus on the size or label of designers. It will only hamper your creativity.

Start playing with different colors, fabrics, hats, and shoes. It all comes down to what gives you the most comfort. Your style must display your life, creativity, and personality.

Be confident of your appearance and wear what you think is uniquely you or what you aim to be. Trust your intuitions. Believe that you already have a good sense of design. Just accept it, enhance it, and don’t fight it.


It is upon you, how you maintain your lifestyle and come up with ideas to glam-up your persona. We have provided you some good advice that is very spot-on.

Do what you feel comfortable doing. Do it with determination, spread your wings, and let yourself fly. You will see a surprising and refreshing impact on your life.


Justin is a fashion enthusiast and has the soul of a traveler. Staying atop the fashion trends, styling and grooming are etched in every fiber of his being. Not only that, but he loves to share his thoughts with a myriad of people via his blogs. Right now he is associated with Leatherskinshop. You can follow him on Twitter @justcody89