Wearing Makeup

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wearing Makeup Everyday

Makeup is a tool that is seen by many as a form of self-expression. With the growth of cruelty-free makeup brands, people have started relying on makeup more. Nowadays women and men are equally using makeup and the market for cosmetics has seen a rapid progression. Makeup has chemical properties and not every cosmetic company uses organic ingredients.

Therefore makeup has advantages and disadvantages based on these specific properties. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of makeup:

Advantages of using makeup daily

1. Makes you look presentable

Wearing makeup makes you more confident and presentable, you can readily face people and do your work with a more positive attitude. Your holistic attitude towards people will change as you will be aware that you are looking personable. Sometimes you need to get ready fast and have no time for a hairdo or hair wash, makeup can help you cover up for this.

2. Makes your face look fresh

Environmental exposure proves to be quite harsh on the skin, using makeup daily can keep it moisturized and fresh. Makeup contains inbuilt moisturizer which proves the necessary softness for your skin. Good quality makeup products nourish your skin, the vitamins present in them help repair vitamin depletion.

3. Saves you from harmful sun rays

Good quality makeup contains UV protection ingredients and you don’t need to apply an extra layer of sunblock. The extra layer of makeup acts as a shield and protects your skin from direct exposure to sun rays.

4. Protects your skin from pollution

Air pollution like dust and smog can be very harmful to your skin. Open pores attract more germs and bacteria found in the air, applying makeup daily reduces the risk of pore damage.

5. Gives you options to experiment

Makeup is an art and if you know how to use it, you will be able to create different looks for yourself. Makeup is all about creativity, with the time you will learn to create the best look.

6. Balances your complexion

Skin complexion can be balanced by using makeup daily, certain facial areas need more attention. Facial area and neck mostly have different complexion tones which can be fixed by using makeup.

7. Makes you look younger

Makeup can do wonders only when it’s done right, certain flaws that you want to hide can be done using makeup. Dark circles, eye bags, and crow lines can be protected by applying makeup. Makeup concealers and foundation can cover wrinkles and other facial lines.

Disadvantages of using makeup

1. Skin Allergies

As makeup is applied directly to the skin, the chemicals present in them can cause skin allergies. Skin allergies like irritation, blemishes, and blotches can be very depressing. These skin allergies can be controlled by stopping the use of makeup products. People with sensitive skin are the ones most affected by skin allergies. Irregular pigmentation of the skin can also be caused if you are a consistent makeup user.

2. Causes eye infection

Eye makeup can cause an eye infection, when not used carefully. The human eye is a very sensitive organ and it needs special care, makeup particles slip through the corner and can infect it. When applying eye makeup make sure not to blow the eye makeup brush around your eyes. Eyelashes are more prone to bacteria growth because of too much mascara application. And not removing mascara and eye makeup before going to sleep also plays its role in forming an eye infection.

3. Triggers premature aging

Makeup also has an aging effect and if you are using too much makeup make sure to be extra careful. Using makeup daily means you are allowing your skin to absorb the same type of chemicals every day. These chemicals pile up in the pores and damage the tissues and cells, wrinkles start to appear and make you look old. Premature aging happens because of multiple reasons, but the daily use of makeup stimulates this change at a higher rate.

Makeup can cause skin damage and chronic inflammation, which damages the collagen fibers and causes premature aging.

4. Hormonal Imbalance

The regular use of makeup can pressure the skin to absorb a chemical compound called Triclosan, it later disturbs the hormonal secretions.

5. The gradual change in complexion and discoloration

Skin products and makeup contain bleach which can prove to be very harmful to people with sensitive skin. Some Over-the-counter products and other cosmetic products use poor ingredients that slowly eat up the skin color and complexion. You will notice adverse effects on your skin if you are a regular user of makeup. A good way to deal with this problem is to replace them with organic and natural products.

6. Cancer

Any makeup product that has a toxic ingredient built can cause cancer. This happens when the products are not checked, prior to being sold in the market. Long-term use of any kind of beauty product is a very bad idea, always keep switching your products. Makeup which shows no immediate harm can lead to cancer in the future.

7. Hair fall

The extensive use of makeup can also cause hair fall, the makeup that you put on your forehead gets piled up on the root and cause cancer. Dandruff, the thinness of hair and hair loss are other symptoms that need special care.


Facial area and skin need to breathe and putting layers of makeup on it can block pores and create hormonal problems. These clogged pores can lead to a more serious issue of acne. If you apply makeup to an already acne infected skin, the results will be damaging.


Always buy good quality makeup and if you have sensitive skin make sure to consult your dermatologist before using beauty products. There are organic makeup products available in the market which contain fewer chemicals. Opt for a natural product if you want to save your skin from allergies and infections. Educating yourself about the harmful ingredients of makeup products will help you to buy good quality products.


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