Getting Eyelash Extensions

5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

It’s no secret that eyelash extensions are becoming an increasingly popular trend in fashion and beauty. Sometimes a glamorous accessory to an outfit, other times lash extensions are embraced for making a look seem bolder and fuller or, conversely, more natural. Many beauticians have remarked on how to lash treatments can elevate style – with the right treatment, of course.

But before you decide to commit to lash extensions, and book time at the salon, it’s important to know what you’re in for. It’s an essential early step in creating new beauty regimes to clarify all the questions you might have about the safety, comfort, cost and overall process.

1. Think About Skincare

With certain beauty treatments, is makeup entirely necessary? The answer is somewhere in-between the two. Skincare shouldn’t be neglected, but rather can still be a high priority for many. The common reaction, after an eyelash treatment, is to ignore your routine skincare regime. Or, avoid makeup altogether.

Certain makeups, like eyeliner or mascara, should either be avoided or used cautiously, especially around the eye area. Yet, your favourite moisturiser or serum can still be applied regularly. Whilst you can still use makeup, it should be applied carefully around your eyelashes, and the focus on skincare should still be the priority.

2. It’s a Personalised Experience

It’s often known for being a luxurious experience, enjoyable even. A typical appointment, for many salons, will focus on comfort just as much as style – and so the process becomes one about indulgence and luxury.

Eyelash treatment is a kind of beauty therapy. It’s also customisable. Start by nominating your preferred length, which is typically 10-12 mm. Most salons, or beauticians, will stock extension lengths from 9 to 15 mm. This captures from natural length into longer, fuller lashes.

Aside from lash length, you can also custom the curl. Typically, a “J” curl will result in a more natural-looking lash; a “C” curl, however, will appear more dramatic. When it comes to the curl, you can get experimental and creative.

Lastly, you can select a preferred material: from Faux Mink, Faux Fox, Silk, Real Mink, or Real Human Hair.

Ultimately, the length, material, and curl will be determined by style and affordability. But the experience is a customisable one, so your lashes can adapt to your style, complimenting it.

3. Your Lifestyle Matters

On average, eyelash extensions last between six and eight weeks. The length of time your lashes last for, although somewhat different per person, can be changed based on your lifestyle choices. Your beauty regime and any exercise can determine how long lashes go for. Outside of your beauty and lifestyle choices, your natural lash growth cycle, the condition of your eyelids (are they oily or not?) and your sleeping routines can all impact the length of time that your eyelashes stay on.

Before committing to new lashes, determine if your lifestyle is conducive to wearing extensions and if your current beauty regime can be adapted to aftercare as much as routine skincare. Understanding the conditions and cautions of wearing extensions, and the role your everyday habits and lifestyle can have on your new lashes should be an early consideration before you book an appointment at the local salon.

4. Prepare for a Process

For newcomers to this beauty treatment, lash extensions don’t end after one appointment. Rather, many salons offer a pre-appointment as a kind of preparation, where you will not be allowed to get excessive water or moisture (including sweat) near the new lash extensions. Any dampness and will impact how they dry in place, disturbing the final look of your new extensions. After application, your lashes may need re-filling, removing, or just consultation – either way, this can be part of the natural (and sometimes costly) process.

Be prepared for new lashes to feel like a commitment that can, at times, become more a process, like a makeup routine. Eyelash extensions will take time and care, both before and after your appointment with a salon.

5. You’ll need expert guidance (to get it perfect)

A DIY lash extension job can seem wise and cost-effective, but without expert application, the outcome can quickly lead to beauty tragedy. Fortunately, a salon is fully equipped with both the know-how (from application to aftercare) and the expertise and experience in strong measures to get your lashes looking long and fluttery.

An alternative, for those willing to learn new skills, is to absorb the know-how through online training courses. You can train to become a lash technician, using online resources or accessing expertise through upskilling hubs from salons’ that have since migrated online. Nowadays, with a booming digital marketplace, the idea of upskilling online has become more and more attractive to many. With the new skills just a stream away, perhaps you could become the expert after all.

The article was produced in collaboration with Lash Perfect, an eyelash extension course specialists.


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