Handcrafted Jewelry is a Great Christmas Gift
Handcrafted Jewelry is a Great Christmas Gift

5 Reasons why Handcrafted Jewelry is a Great Christmas Gift

The beauty of jewelry pieces has never been in doubt. We are surrounded by beautiful items to choose from, for any occasion. Whether it is a formal evening or a casual meeting, famous jewelry brands always have a solution for us. But the creativity and technique of a craftsman, together with the love for their craft…well, that’s something else entirely. And it can transform ordinary objects into jewelry masterpieces.

However, most people are still not fully aware of the true value of handmade jewelry, compared to mass-produced jewelry.

There are several reasons why handcrafted jewelry is a good investment, and with Christmas approaching, it could be a great gift idea for the people you love.

So, without further ado, here are 5 things that make handmade jewelry the Christmas gift you are looking for.

1. There’s a story behind every handmade piece

When you wear handmade jewelry, you are part of the story that the artisan tells through his work. Each artist has a unique and personal motive for designing jewelry. Every work, every item always contains a message. Sometimes it’s explicit, sometimes it’s up to you to interpret it.

The artisan has a very intimate relationship with each piece of jewelry he crafts. Their design is what truly tells the story. Artisans know every curve and line on the piece. From a simple idea, they mold it into the material and give shape to what the eye sees and what the jewelry communicates to us.

Artisans look, observe, interpret, and then create, bringing their knowledge, experience, and passion. So, if you want to buy handcrafted jewelry as a Christmas gift, remember that you are also buying a story.

2. Handcrafted jewelry is less likely to have imperfections

Literally, handmade jewelry is crafted by the “hands” of the artisan. All the processes that are part of a craftsman’s creation are carried out without the use of production machinery. A machine can extract hundreds of units per hour while an individual can only make a set quantity of items.

So, why should I go for artisanal jewelry? Because it is far less likely to have imperfections and flaws than something produced in large quantities. As we already mentioned, artisans put all of themselves into the creation of their jewelry. They spend time and energy in making sure the final outcome is as perfect as possible. And you want your Christmas gift to be perfect, don’t you?

3. You are buying “time” as well

At this point, it should be clear that crafting jewelry pieces requires a tremendous amount of time, especially since there are no machines involved. A single project can take hours to be completed, while the actual crafting process may take several weeks. Even months, in some cases.

Therefore, choosing handcrafted jewelry as a gift means giving something special. It means giving a piece that took time, a lot of time to be made. And isn’t time the best proof of our love for that special someone?

4. Handmade jewelry is unique

Think about it, artisanal pieces are always unique in their own way. It is almost impossible to find two identical pieces of handmade jewelry. They can be part of a special or limited edition, true, but what are the chances to meet someone that is wearing that same jewel?

Handcrafted jewelry is one of the best ways to make your personality sparkle and get you noticed. Which is what we want when we choose our style, isn’t it?

And don’t forget: very often, handmade jewelry can be customized. It can be with a word or phrase that reminds your lucky one of a moment you shared together. And it can be a great addition to your Christmas present.

5. You are being sustainable

Nowadays, sustainability is “hot”. A lot of people want to be sustainable, even though only a few really know what that entails. But rest assured, many artisans are committed to sustainability and ethically sourced materials, even if that means making creation processes longer and more demanding.

Being sustainable can be much more expensive than buying from lower-priced retailers that often use unethical sources of supply. But by choosing handcrafted jewelry you can make a difference. For someone, you love, with a wonderful Christmas gift, and for the whole planet.


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