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Exquisite Diamond Jewelry – Ideal Gifts For You & Your Loved Ones!

Gifting is tradition.

It is an act that says the giftee is special. It showcases appreciation and gratitude towards the person’s role in your life and can leave a lasting impression in the person’s mind.

But gifts are not just things packed in boxes or wrapped in colorful wrapping paper; they’re filled with emotions presented to a special someone who truly brings value to life. It could be for your friend, parent, sibling, or even yourself because, sometimes, you ought to love yourself a little more for making it this far.

When it comes to gifts, there is probably nothing as sparklingly beautiful as diamonds. Name any occasion that comes to mind. You can be sure that diamond jewelry is a suitable choice as it is a timeless present making it a perfect proposal, wedding, birthday, or anniversary gift.

But finding the right one can sometimes be tricky, considering the different types of jewelry available today.

So to assist you, we’ve curated a list of fashionable fine jewelry items ranging from stud earrings to solitaire pendants and more to make it simpler to decide when picking the perfect jewelry gift for yourself and near and dear ones.

Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs
Diamond studs are simple yet elegant and are the number one jewelry staple owned by women worldwide. Although a simple accessory, they give the wearer an aura of beauty and sophistication. They’re a popular gift as these single diamond earrings have the versatility that no other jewelry piece has. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be worn at a business meeting pairing well with your work attire, or at a party night Friday when hanging out with your girl gang wearing your favorite clubwear.

Diamond Pendants

Diamond Pendants 1
Gifting your special someone a diamond pendant is a lovely gesture as the giftee will ultimately place it on a necklace and wear it around her neck. It will be a dainty cute reminder of how much you care about her. Pendants make the perfect gift when you’re thinking about gifting something special to your mother, daughter, or lover. They’re easy to wear, have a minimalistic look, require minimal care, and can be designed in various styles and settings. Choosing a fancy cut diamond can add more appeal to the design, but make sure you pay attention to the pendant’s size and diamond quality. A little more than a half-carat gem shall do a spectacular job. If looking for a more enhanced look, you can pick a halo style pear cut or a princess cut yellow gold pendant – a gift she’ll treasure forever.

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets
No gift is as thoughtful as a scintillating line of diamonds wrapped around the wrist. Tennis bracelets are chic, bold, and have great radiance. The bracelet sports a row of single-cut diamonds that sparkle and shine freely with a stunning effect. A bracelet may have around fifty to a hundred diamonds depending on the carat weight and shape of the gem. People prefer the bracelet in white gold and platinum metals, but if you want your gift to be unique, you can opt for a bracelet with a lovely rose gold hue or classic yellow gold.

Eternity Rings

Eternity Rings
Eternity rings are meaningful gifts that denote endless love and are perfect for a romantic occasion like a wedding anniversary. But in modern times, they are gifted all through the year on occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day and are considered one of the best jewelry pieces for commemorating bonds shared with loved ones. Eternity rings come in various diamond shapes and metal colors. You can skip the traditional rounds and go for a classic alternative such as the oval shaped or pear shaped diamond rings. Always make sure you know the exact ring size of the person you’re gifting so that you don’t have to resize the ring.

You can never really go wrong when it comes to diamond jewelry, as diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But you might want to pay attention to the type of jewelry your special somebody likes. If you see them wearing earrings often, that will give you an idea that diamond studs from this gift list would be best. Or perhaps they don’t wear earrings at all, and you want to surprise them with their first pair, again a great option provided you know that they are inclined to wear earrings. You could always check with people close to her and ask them for an opinion.

So next time you decide to go out looking for a gift and decide it’s going to be jewelry, don’t forget to choose one from this list as it is sure to put a smile on your dear one’s pretty face!


Macy Taylor is a content writer at Friendly Diamonds, an online portal that deals with eco-friendly lab diamond jewelry based in New York.