Travel Gifts For Your Globetrotting Friends

7 Travel Gifts For Your Globetrotting Friends

Are your friends finally going on their much-awaited trips around the world? Or even across the country? They’re probably eager to feel that rush again, as they visit new locations to reignite that spark of freedom while living life to the fullest. The question is: what gift should you get them before they embark on their globetrotting adventure? Whether it’s a girl’s weekend away or a family trip, there are plenty of brilliant gift ideas for every kind of traveler. Find out some great recommendations below.

 1. Travel Pillow

It’s always nice finding gifts that help the recipient look good, feel better about themselves, or make their life easier. When it comes to travel, why not consider how to make their experience more comfortable? A travel pillow is the perfect handy choice for your globe-trotter friends.

Almost every traveler has experienced long-haul plane flights or delays in airport or bus terminals, where a little napping in between transits can do so much good. A travel pillow will help them through. Choose the inflatable type, as not everyone who travels, may be willing to make extra room for a pillow that cannot be folded and tucked away when not in use.

2. Battery-Free Luggage Scale

If there is one travel necessity that’s criminally underrated, it’s this one. Why? Packing for a trip is never easy, especially if you’re concerned about going over the baggage weight limit. It helps to be able to weigh baggage at home, but a normal weighing scale from your local department store isn’t travel-friendly.

A battery-free luggage scale, particularly the type you can use to hook your bags and lift them up in order to measure their weight, is something that will spare your friend from last-minute anxiety at any airport or terminal. They can say goodbye to the pains of paying for excess baggage or discarding a bunch of clothes just to stay within the required limit. – nobody enjoys that burden.

3. Battery-Powered Headlamp

While a flashlight is a common item to travel with, it’s good to have both hands available for anything when it’s dark, rather than occupied with holding the light up in front of you. This makes headlamps the better alternative.

They’re especially useful for friends who are planning to do a hike, go camping, or even stay at a hostel where they might check-in or leave in the middle of the night. With a battery-powered headlamp readily strapped over the top of their head, they minimize the chances of either stumbling along a rocky path after sunset, or disturbing others when they must get up for something quick like a trip to the loo. Be mindful too that emergencies can happen after dark in the thick of the woods as well! These headlamps can be a lifesaver.

 4. UV Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Travelling is all about getting out there and seeing the sights, which is why a reliable drink bottle is a must. Not only that, but it’s important that your friend is drinking enough clean water, as few things are more difficult than getting sick someplace without a nearby hospital or with limited access to medicine.

Consider gifting them BPA-free, stainless steel, UV self-cleaning bottles. All they have to do is to fill the bottle up, then push a single button to activate ‘cleaning mode’. The integrated UV light will rid of all bacteria and contaminants in intervals of roughly two hours. These self-cleaning bottles also have both a rechargeable battery (which lasts up to one month when fully charged) and a USB port. Undeniably convenient.

 5. Passport Holder

It’s definitely a must to keep one’s passport well-protected. Rather than just searching for something good to cover the front and back, take it a step further and choose a good passport holder for your gift. That is, find the kind with multiple slots for storing other things, like IDs, credit cards, and even spare change (think of the countless vending machines they may encounter while traveling from one city to another).

It’s the perfect addition to any handbag or backpack and makes for easy traveling. They won’t ever have to worry about losing (or misplacing) their passport ever again!

 6. Dry Shampoo

Does your friend intend to travel light? Stick to carry-on bags only? Be an eco-friendly globetrotter? This might just be the gift that they never knew they needed. Don’t be alarmed by this unusual word combination – dry shampoo (the natural kind) is designed to absorb all oils and grease once it’s applied over your hair. The hair gets cleaned up, and there’s absolutely no need to rinse with water afterward.

This simple beauty gift is perfect for the traveler who wants to keep their hair looking great while they’re off-grid – or those who simply don’t want to worry about washing their hair while abroad! With minimal effort, and also reduced risk of making a mess in your bag from spilled liquids, what’s to hate about dry shampoo when traveling?

7. Smartphone Lens Kit

Finally, you can make your dear friend feel special by buying them a Smartphone Lens Kit. Everyone likes taking pictures while exploring new places – that’s a given. A lens kit gives them the ability to enhance the quality of their photos, make the colors pop out better, and capture more of the sceneries they’re enjoying.

The best part is that these kits are actually compatible with a wide range of smartphone models, including the iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and Note, and more. Make sure to buy them a handy pouch to keep all their equipment together and free from damage!

With these incredibly handy travel items above, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect gift for your friend. It’s all about making traveling fun and memorable.


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