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How Can I Complete A Professional Standard End Of Tenancy And Clean Myself?

There is a lot to consider when deciding to complete an end-of-tenancy clean yourself. There is a lot of work to complete and to ensure you get that professional clean finish you will need the correct products and equipment. Although End of Lease Cleaning London advises that you book a professional cleaning company to do the work, that isn’t because it isn’t possible to complete it yourself. It’s simply because we know just how hard the work can be and we like to offer affordable end-of-tenancy cleaning so that you don’t have to do the hard work. However, if you do decide to complete the cleaning yourself we are also here to help guide you through it.

Most importantly we suggest getting some eco-friendly products, this will help keep your families health safe whilst cleaning. Eco-friendly products provide amazing cleaning without all the harsh, toxic fumes. These products will still provide amazing results just with less of a footprint. They are also safe to use around children and pets. Be certain to check the labels of shop-bought cleaning products to ensure they don’t contain any harsh chemicals. So here is a checklist of all areas that must be included at the end of the tenancy cleaning checklist:

Bedroom, Living room, Dining room, Entrance, Hallway & Stairs:

  • Wipe down all doors including on top of doors
  • Wipe down skirting boards and all furniture to remove dust
  • Wash windows internally including sills and ledges
  • Clean inside & outside of Bedside tables/ Drawers and wardrobes
  • Remove any cobwebs from corners and ceiling
  • Dust coving, picture rails, and curtain rails
  • Clean & polish mirrors and pictures frames
  • Clean plugs, sockets, light switches & fittings
  • Clean all radiators and Fireplace surround
  • Clean behind and under all furniture that is staying on the property
  • Vacuum all upholstery
  • Vacuum and mop hard floors
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas


  • Clean and disinfect all kitchen cupboards and drawers both inside and out
  • Clean both inside and outside refrigerator & freezer (if defrosted in advance)
  • Microwave needs to be wiped down inside & out
  • Clean all sides removing all watermarks and soap scum.
  • Clean washing machine inside and out (including soap drawer and door seals)
  • Clean dishwasher and remove limescale.
  • Clean and degrease inside of the oven, polish outside parts
  • Clean and polish hob & grill
  • Clean, degrease and polish the extractor fan and any filters
  • Remove mold and grease from all wall tiles, wash down and polish
  • Clean exterior of all small kitchen appliances such as kettle, toaster, and coffee machine
  • Remove limescale, watermarks, and polish sink/shine taps
  • Clean windows from the inside; wipe down window sills/window ledges
  • Wipe all woodwork (doors, door frames, skirting boards)
  • Wipe down radiators
  • Clean plug socket and light switches
  • Vacuum and wash hard floors


  • Clean bath and remove limescale and watermarks
  • Wash shower screen inside and out / descale shower tray and head
  • Clean and disinfect toilet inside and out removing all staining
  • Wash and descale sink/shine taps
  • Wash down wall tiles, remove mold & mildew from grout
  • Clean & polish all mirrors
  • Wipe cupboards/shelving/ surfaces and polish stainless steel fixtures
  • Clean windows from inside, wipe down window sills/ window ledges
  • Wipe down door/ frames/ skirting boards (don’t forget on top of doors)
  • Wipe clean any railings and hangers
  • Clean plugs, light switches
  • Vacuum, disinfect & mop hard floors

Now providing you cover all of these pointers there is no reason why the check out/ end of lease checklist will be incomplete. There is a lot however if you have the willpower and correct tools you can complete a quality standard end-of tenancy clean yourselves. Simply having the time and products is all you need.


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