Sterling Silver Moonstone Earrings

6 Forgotten ‘Sterling Silver Moonstone Earrings’ Trends That Are Coming Back

Silver moonstone earrings have their significance from early ancient history! Apart from enhancing the individual’s looks, in some cultures, pure gold or sterling silver earrings represented the social status of the wearer among the joneses. Also, they are connected to certain superstitions and remediation for sickness. Shreds of evidence from history regarding the same are recorded in Buddhist culture, Egyptian culture, Indian culture, and many more!

So let’s explore some well-known facts about gold & sterling silver earrings to make it even more exciting.

Let’s begin with Buddhism

Lets begin with BuddhismSage Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, was born into wealth & power and always wore heavy earrings to represent his status. Because of the weight, the earrings stretched his earlobes. By the time he reached the stage of enlightenment, the earlobes were elongated. This is the primary reason, wherever we see the statue and pictures of Gautama Buddha, it depicts the lengthened earlobes.

Egyptian Culture

Egyptian culture

Furthermore, if we talk about Egyptian culture, we see the death mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, had earring boreholes. He was the boy king who ruled Egypt for 10 years before his death at age 19 years. This clearly shows how important and significant it is for the royal Egyptians to wear earrings. Men and women of all social classes wore ancient Egyptian jewelry whereas, the royals, as mentioned above, wore substantial and lavish gold or silver earrings or any jewelry.

Ancient Indian Culture

ancient Indian culture

In ancient Indian culture, the massive silver earrings are considered as amulets rather than as ornaments. It was believed that the evil spirits & sickness entered the body through its orifices, and wearing amulets near these entryways prevented that. Also, the precious or semi-precious gems like moonstone and opal embellished in the earrings helped cure headaches and other diseases. Sterling silver rainbow moonstone earrings have been given due importance here.

But, while talking about the present scenario, jewelry is primarily used to enhance the look and make one’s appearance better. No matter what you wear, an opal necklace, a chakra bracelet or sterling silver rainbow moonstone earrings, carry them elegantly and flaunt your flawless appearance.

So, now let’s discuss why you have been reading this blog post.

“6 Forgotten ‘Sterling Silver Moonstone Earrings’ Trends That Are Coming Back”

Here are 6 silver moonstone earrings trends, which you thought were extinct, but are back in style:

1. HOOLA HOOLA HOOP – Sterling Silver Moonstone Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Moonstone Hoop Earrings

You always thought that sterling silver rainbow moonstone earrings are out of fashion, but, as we all know that ‘History repeats itself’! Silver earrings fashion trends proved it again! Don’t you think that something is missing even after putting in all the efforts? Do not worry! You can always add a twist to your otherwise monotonous appearance by adding big sterling silver moonstone hoop earrings and see how it changes everything. So up your jewelry game with these.

2. BE THE STUD – Sterling Silver Moonstone Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Moonstone Stud Earrings

Too mainstream, isn’t it! Have you ever imagined women, loaded with heavy jewelry during formal gatherings? How would you feel while talking to them? Would you be able to focus on their words? If you don’t want people to think the same way for you, here is the one-stop solution – STUDS! Whatever attire you put on, minimal gold or sterling silver moonstone stud earrings will definitely add up, along with making the complete appearance elegant. So, always remember, ‘Less is more’!

3. GET CUFFED WITH EARCUFFS – Sterling Silver Ear Cuff earrings

Sterling Silver Ear Cuff earrings

You have always heard about cuffing the hands, but how about cuffing the ears and be the toast of the town. Yes! You guessed it right. Sterling silver ear cuff earrings are back in fashion! They were always perceived as the ornaments, which are used by the tribal women to increase the amount of metal on their bodies. Hence, they were never given due importance. However, they successfully made their way to the jewelry box of urban women. Who would have thought, getting cuffed will be so cool!

4. DANCE WITH DANGLERS – Sterling Silver Dangler Earrings

Sterling Silver Dangler Earrings

Danglers are the most common types when it comes to earrings. The fascinating thing about them is they adapt according to the occasion and the apparel. These sterling silver dangler earrings are capable of wonderfully enhancing the appearance of the wearer at least ten times. No matter whether they are being taken to an office party or a day outing with friends and family, it will not fail to make you stand out of the crowd. And a moonstone studded in them will be cherry on the cake.

5. LET “THREADS” NOT BE LIMITED TO CLOTHES – Sterling Silver Thread Earrings

Sterling Silver Thread Earrings

Danglers are common, but threaders are not! They are the type of gold or silver earrings, which pass through the piercing hole and hang free from both the ends. They do not require any closure. They can be worn through multiple piercing holes as well. When carried in the right manner, they enhance the entire appearance and add sophistication. And, imagine the rainbow moonstone hanging at one end of these sterling silver thread earrings to magnify the look.

6. GIVE YOUR EAR A HUG – Sterling Silver Huggies

Sterling Silver Huggies

Huggies are the kind of earrings that resembles the finger ring and leaves little to no space below the earlobe when worn. Some of us may think that these sterling silver Huggies are outdated and originate from the ancient Egyptian civilizations, therefore shy away from wearing them. However, what most of us don’t know is that these Huggies are back in trend. These are comfortable to wear and add grace to the wearers’ look.

Apart from the above-mentioned sterling silver rainbow moonstone earring trends, there are many of them out there, which can be looked upon.

Remember, there is no rule of thumb for jewelry and especially for sterling silver earrings! If it looks good on you, it can be your statement piece.

So what are you waiting for, go grab your perfect pair!



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