Is A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Popular

Propose To The Love Of Your Life With A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Colored diamonds are particularly attractive when set on a piece of jewelry- take a pink diamond engagement ring as an example. What makes it even special are the attributes that are associated with the alluring color and this is exactly what makes them favored by couples.

They are ready to be purchased from the market and one quick search online would lead you to jewelry websites advertising different types of jewelry pieces with the pink colored diamond as its primary stone. One great example of such a website is Astteria where vast selections of colored diamond jewelry are available.

Is A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Popular?

If you are feeling a little adventurous and would like to stray away from the usual classic clear diamond engagement rings that are often the go-to pieces when proposing, a pink diamond engagement ring might just be the one you are looking for.

It’s reasonable to say that there’s a good reason why pink diamonds are so popular. It will undoubtedly be a striking accent to your engagement ring as its main stone.

Additionally, depending on the shade you select, its remarkable color can be either innocent or strong. Pink diamonds, like other diamonds, contain secondary color tones that have a significant impact on their final appearance.

The beauty of a diamond in this color will astound you, especially when it is attached to a delicate item of jewelry like an engagement ring.

How Is A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Graded?

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Deep within the Earth, volcanic activity and natural processes foster the development of diamonds. The presence of elements such as nitrogen, carbon, and boron in pink diamonds is what gives these jewels their distinctive pink tint.

Each pink diamond is given a color grade based on how intense the color is. Argyle pink diamonds famously employ a scale from 1 to 9, with 1 representing the darkest, vivid color and 9 representing the faintest hint of pink.

What Makes A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Unique?

Pink diamonds are among the rarest diamonds ever created. Even though they are known to originate from the Argyle Mine, which unfortunately had already closed down since 2020, they can also be found elsewhere.

However, as we mention the renowned diamond mine, it should be known that even though pink diamonds were famously produced there, they barely make up about 1% of the diamond population in the Western Australian mine.

Due to this, pink diamonds are widely valued and in constant demand because of their rarity and their undeniable charm that brings about class and luxury.

What Does A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Symbolise?

In terms of color shade, a light pink exudes innocence, whereas a more intense pink ignites passion. There is no doubt that the color pink elicits a particular feeling and when worn as an engagement ring, it gives a certain vibe that reflects the character of the person wearing it.

Pink diamonds also exude romance and femininity, which makes them a perfect option for an engagement ring.

Pink is a color that is frequently linked to compassion and love, therefore it makes perfect sense to think about this as an engagement ring. In fact, during the Elizabethan Era, it has been known to symbolize happiness and delight.

Nowadays, pink diamonds are closely associated with love and tenderness and all of these attributes combine really make pink diamonds the best stone to use for an engagement ring.

How Much Is A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Worth?

The cost of a pink diamond is determined by a number of variables. Naturally, one way is by figuring out if they were produced artificially or naturally, as this has a big impact on their pricing.

But generally, due to their extremely low supply, natural pink diamonds are more expensive. On the other hand, synthetic pink diamonds created in labs cost a little less but are still very valuable as they are quite difficult to tell apart from their natural counterparts.

For pink diamond engagement rings, in particular, the price also heavily depends on how prominent the color of the primary stone is as well as the cut and carat weight.

A good example is a .50-carat cushion cut very light pink diamond ring which is priced at around $9,200 while an astounding 2.41-carat radiant shape very light pink diamond ring costs a whopping $80,000. If the stone on the latter comes in vivid pink, then you can expect it to be even more expensive.

There is also the option to request for a price for a specific pink diamond ring depending on the overall design and several more variables included. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed to elicit tears of joy by popping the life-changing question with a pink diamond engagement ring.

Final Thoughts

Delight the love of your life with a truly unique diamond ring that can clearly translate your affection and devotion.

You have countless options to choose from and are guaranteed to find the best engagement ring to purchase from the likes of bespoke jewelry stores such as Astteria.

You may be sure to find pink diamonds that are distinctive to your taste and are less likely to be found elsewhere given how every piece of pink diamond is unique– making it the best primary stone for an engagement ring.


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