Wedding More Sustainable

Ways To Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

It’s no secret: Big lavish weddings can have a terrible impact on the environment. Fortunately, there are plenty ways to ensure your upcoming nuptials are gentle on the earth while still being a night no one will forget. Here are a few quick words of advice on making your wedding more sustainable.

Location, location, location. The first step in shrinking your celebration’s carbon footprint is in selecting the right venue. As more and more people have become ecoconscious, the wedding industry has responded and now offers ecologically aware options. As you and your intended shop around, be sure to look for LEED certifications, Energy Star ratings, and other indications that indicate the site takes sustainability seriously.

You could opt for an outdoor wedding. Great for showing you’re in touch with nature, an outdoor setting can be a picturesque place to say “I do” surrounded by friends and family. You could book at a national park and provide funds for its conservation, bask in the sun’s glow on a beach, or boast a more intimate setting at a private vineyard. Such leafy locales are great for capturing remarkable photographs and can also save on energy usage, which accounts for a significant portion of a wedding’s carbon footprint.

Another point of consideration is the jewelry. Whether they’re in the matching bridal party adornments or the wedding bands, the diamonds, metals, gemstones, and other materials should be sourced sustainably. For instance, lab grown diamonds are conflict-free and have less impact on the planet making them much more socially responsible. Plus, they are just as brilliant but with a lower price tag.

Lastly, there’s the leftovers. Excess food, single-use items, and other sources of waste are another substantial part of why weddings can be bad for the environment. As you plan your celebration, to prevent wasted food consider opting for a plated meal with locally sourced, in-season fare instead of a buffet. As for the décor, there are several ways to rent the look you want, incorporate reusable equipment, and recycle the remainders. Same goes for the attire.

You don’t have to forgo the fabulousness you’ve always dreamed of to have a green wedding. It just takes research, determination, and a thoughtful approach to make the small changes add up to something big on your big day. For additional tips on throwing a more sustainable wedding, please see the accompanying resource.

Infographic created by Grown Brilliance, a lab diamond engagement rings provider.


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