Make Your At-Home Manicure Last Longer

Tips to Make Your At-Home Manicure Last Longer

Whether you want to save a buck or you’re a nail enthusiast who just prefers to do their own nails, it’s probably safe to say we all want a manicure that lasts. The good news is it’s totally possible to get flawless, salon-worthy nails right at home, and we have some great tips to ensure you achieve just that. Here are all our insider tips and tricks to make your at-home manicure last.

Remove Oils From Your Nails

When doing an at-home mani, it’s important to moisturize your hands during the manicure process. Still, it’s also important to remember to remove it from your nail beds before you apply any polish to them. Oily nails will prevent your base coat and polish from properly adhering to your natural nail making your mani more prone to peeling or chipping. Before applying any polish, give those nails a good wipe with acetone, alcohol, or even vinegar to remove any excess oil or hand cream.

Use a Base Coat

Using a base coat is an important step you really shouldn’t skip in a manicure. It prevents polish from staining your natural nail, creates a smooth canvas, and helps the product adhere better. All in all, it provides added strength and ensures your mani stays intact longer.

Use High-Quality Products

When it comes to nail products, not all products are created equal, and you often get what you pay for. Many nail products on the market contain toxic chemicals that not only can irritate your skin and eyes but can also weaken your nail, ultimately causing them to break. In addition, low-quality products don’t always give the best results resulting in uneven applications, chips, or peeling. For maximum results, it’s best to only use high-quality products. While they can sometimes be more expensive, they can save you money in the long run as you won’t have to redo your manicure as often.

Opt for Dip Powder

While many may stick to conventional polishes for their DIY mani, they don’t always last very long. Now, many nail providers offer at-home dip powder or gel mani kits allowing you to get a salon-worthy mani right at home. If you’re new to these manicure types, SNS has created the ultimate guide for a DIY dip powder mani so that even the most novice DIYer can get a professional-looking mani right at home.

Don’t Forget to Seal Tip

When applying your polish, it’s important to remember to also give the tip of your nail on the front edge (and slightly under it) a good swipe of polish as this will help seal it and prevent future chips.

Opt for a Nude Shade

Regardless of how well you maintain your manicure, it will inevitably begin to grow out showing a line of demarcation between your cuticle line and the polish. If you really want to extend the length of your mani, opt for a nude polish similar to your skin tone making chips and nail growth virtually invisible.

Reapply Top Coat

When it comes to a long-lasting manicure, your top coat shouldn’t be one-and-done. A great hack to extend your mani and keep your nails looking shiny is by adding a fresh layer of clear top coat every 2-3 days, and don’t forget to seal the tip!

Avoid Hot Water

Hot water is the ultimate enemy when it comes to your manicure. When you get your mani in hot water for an extended period of time, it can seep into your natural nails which can lift your polish causing it to peel or chip. For a long-lasting mani, use gloves when doing the dishes and keep your hands out of the water if you often take baths.

Fix a Chip Promptly

Unfortunately, even the best of manis will chip at times. If you do get a small chip or a crack in your nail, fix it ASAP to prevent it from getting worse. Simply file away the chipped part or fill the chip with the same polish and then cover the entire nail with a clear top coat, sealing the tip.


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