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Use These 8 Products to Take Care of Your Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a significant investment. Just like your hair, skin, and nails, they require some tender, loving care to last and look their best. You must follow simple aftercare tips and use the right lash products to achieve that.

If you’re new to lash extension aftercare, it can be tough to determine which tools or products are appropriate. For this reason, we made this quick list of products that will help keep your extensions healthy and long-lasting!

8 Products You Can Use to Extend Your Lash Extension Investment

If you’ve decided to get extensions or a license to become a lash technician, you’ll certainly want to know how to care for them properly. Of course, it will call for an occasional refill, but you’ll also want this beauty investment to last as long as possible and get the most bang for your buck.

Let’s learn the right products you should use during lash extension aftercare!

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Products for Lash Cleansing

Cleanliness is one of the most important things in lash aftercare. You must keep your lashes clean at all times. Unfortunately, aside from not lasting as long as you’d like, they can also become a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in minor to major eye infections.

Use the following tools and products to clean your lashes and extensions properly.

Oil-Free or Water-Based Makeup Remover

An oil-based makeup remover is the quickest way to waste your lash investment. Sure, it does a neat job removing the cosmetics, but it also eliminates the adhesive bonds that are supposed to keep your extensions in place. So drop your oil-based products and switch to oil-free and water-based formulas instead.

Lash Shampoo or Cleanser

Following the makeup remover is the lash shampoo. This cleansing product helps you gently remove makeup, dirt, and other residues on your lashes. Ever tried a “lash massage” before? It’s as easy as rubbing gentle lash shampoo onto your delicate lashes!

Use a pump or two of the shampoo and gently clean your lashes with a cotton swab. Do this routine, and you’ll see a significant (and positive) difference in the health and look of your lash extensions.

Cleansing Wand or Spoolie

This one is a very important tool for a lash tech. Get a small, straight brush to help you reach the inner and outer corners of your lash line. This way, you won’t miss a single spot. Remove residue to avoid infections and keep the natural lashes healthy before applying the extensions.

Products for Lash Retention

Now that you have clean and clear lashes, it’s time to learn about products that will help protect lashes better and strengthen their retention. Add these items to your list of top beauty secrets women should follow!

Eyelash Sealant

Shield your lash investment with a protective coating or eyelash sealant. It’s a clear gel that creates a barrier between the environment and your natural lashes. As a result, the extensions are less likely to twist and pile debris. It also seals the adhesive and locks in moisture, preventing the lashes from becoming dry and brittle, which extends their life.


Not only does a cleansing wand help clean your lashes, but it also keeps the fluttery look of your extensions! We encourage you to make it a habit to brush your lashes using this tool, preferably at a time when they need brushing the most (waking up or after a shower). Most importantly, brush the extensions gently to prevent them from breaking down or becoming brittle.

Lash Extension Conditioner

An eyelash extension conditioner contains ingredients that strengthen and revitalize lashes. Unlike the harsh chemicals of oil-based removers or mascara, this one won’t trigger the breakdown of the adhesive bond. Instead, they work gently on the lash extensions, nourishing them as needed. And what does that lead to? Healthy and vibrant lashes!

Lash Growth Serum

Aside from caring for the lash extensions, you’ll also need strong natural lashes to hold them up. In that case, use products like lash serums. They contain growth enhancement formulas to help the natural lashes grow stronger, longer, and thicker. Consequently, it reduces the likelihood of lash breakage and falling out.


Lastly, take some supplements to give your lashes an extra boost. Some essential vitamins that help with healthy lash growth are Biotin/Vitamin H, Vitamin C, Niacin/Vitamin B-3, Iron, and Vitamin E. You can also get these from eating foods that contain them.

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The Next Step: Lash Refills

There will be a time when you will need a lash refill. It’s the process of replacing your previous set with new ones. It’s also one way to extend your lash investment because it rejuvenates your lash look before it turns brittle and eventually breaks down.

A lash refill also fills in the gaps when some extensions fall off due to natural lash growth. Generally, you must get a refill every two to three weeks, although that might depend on the growth cycle of your natural lashes.

You can rest easy (and pretty) knowing you’re making the most of your lash investment with the right tools and practices!

Final Thoughts

Remember, lash extensions are not a one-time process. Once you’re done with the appointment, you need proper aftercare to make the most of it, and then come back for refills later.

And that’s a wrap on the things you need to know about extending your lash extension investment! We hope this list reduces your options and makes shopping for lash products easier.


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