How to Style Sunglasses in Winter

How to Style Sunglasses in Winter?

It doesn’t have to be hot outside to wear a stylish pair of sunglasses. Comfortable, flattering frames are on-trend this winter. When styling your sunglasses for the season, our smart and simple tips will help you transition to colder weather. Discover which specs are in style. Then, find out what complements your outfits and reading glasses. With so many bold frames and timeless designs, your reader sunglasses will be the highlight of your winter wardrobe!

Get Inspired by Winter Colors

Winter is about luxe seasonal shades and classic colors, so swap out bright frames for metallic hues or darker neutrals. Experiment with feminine pastel colors and flattering jewel tones. Cool and on-trend winter sunglasses colors include gray and tortoiseshell. Get colorful and festive with botanical green or berry red. Brown and amber are attractive, versatile shades that match perfectly with fuzzy coats and knit sweaters. Translucent frames make a statement while you stay comfy – or show off a feminine look with soft pink or pale yellow.

Try Oversized Sunglasses

Everyone is loving oversized sunglasses. If you want to experiment with these frames, winter is a perfect time to try them! Oversize specs make an outfit feel more polished and offer a sporty seasonal look perfect for the great outdoors. No matter where you wear them, they’ll elevate your sense of style. They can also help to cut uncomfortable glare from the sun and snow.

Try sunglasses in an oversize rectangle shape. They’re flattering in shades like silver or snow white. The oversized look always pairs well with chic sweaters and winter jackets. If you’re shopping for something softer around the edges, you’ll enhance your outfit with a soft square frame in a tortoise or marble pattern. For those who love iridescent sunglasses, they’re still on-trend this winter. Look stylish with a pair of angular and surf-inspired frames. Colors like black and gray enhance oversized sunglasses and winter clothing.

Experiment with Shape and

Experiment with Shape and Texture

Winter is about feeling confident and cozy, so we recommend trying thicker sunglasses to match your seasonal look. Chunky frames will flatter your coats and sweaters. Bold sunglasses also complement soft dresses and luxe turtlenecks.

If you’re trying chunky frames for the first time, classic colors help you make the transition. You can’t go wrong with clear translucent or gray, but we like black or tortoiseshell. Darker neutrals go with everything you own but still leave you feeling adventurous. As an alternative, try taupe or brown sunglasses for a wear-everywhere look you’ll love all winter.

Do you prefer sleeker frames? Change shapes for the new season! Round sunglasses look polished in traditional black or pattern like marble. Add to your luxe look with a single brow bar or gold accents. Cat-eye sunglasses will instantly elevate your winter closet, especially when they feature bold and dramatic upsweeps at the top corners. Double down your feminine look with seasonal colors such as blush pink or green tortoise.

If you’re searching for sunglasses in style this season and beyond, we recommend aviator sunglasses for a relaxed vibe you can wear with every outfit. Traditional aviator colors like black and gold are still stylish this winter. You can’t go wrong with these shades, but pink and blue will add a pop of soft, on-trend color. Geometric shapes and matte frame colors will make a seasonal statement, so experiment with something new to find what flatters you.

Add Lens Tints for Winter

Lens tints are everywhere this winter. We think sporty lens treatments are perfect for relaxing with friends or spending time outdoors. You’ll make the most of the season when you choose flattering and attractive lens colors like green or blue. Our favorite is a cool and athletic look with oversized, square sunglasses or aviators.

When you’re not in the snow, light and dark brown lenses are perfect for wearing with wool sweaters or luxe coats. Brown tints match best with tortoiseshell sunglasses, but other top choices include seasonal frame colors like brown or amber. If you have a lighter tint to your sunglasses, you’ll find a bold combination with taupe or vintage yellow.

Seek Inspiration from Your Reading Glasses

Some of us are in love with our screen glasses or reading glasses, but it can be more challenging to find sunglasses that are flattering and fit well. If this sounds like you, try shopping for similar winter sunglasses. Look at your readers to decide the shape you like. Then, you can shop for stylish frames with comparable designs. There are benefits to seeking inspiration from your reading glasses. Your frames will flatter your face shape because they match your winter cheaters. When you start with trusted styles, you’ll create effortless outfits. You’ll also feel confident wherever you go.

Create a Cool and Timeless Vibe for Winter

Create a Cool and Timeless Vibe for Winter

Styling your sunglasses can be just as inspiring in winter as in summer. Get creative with the latest seasonal looks and classic winter colors. You’ll embrace the season when you find something unique like a pair of square shaped sunglasses or cat-eye reading sunglasses. Turn heads with a flattering lens tint or experiment with a thicker texture. You’ll learn something new about your fashion sense while staying on-trend. You’ll also be ready for anything as you enjoy the great outdoors and the cool winter weather!


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