Right Glasses for your Face

How to Find the Right Glasses for your Face

Given the plethora of styles in the fashion world, getting the right pair of glasses that perfectly fit your face is not an easy feat. Whether you want to look fashionable with the best accessory or even holding your prescription for the longest time possible having the right glasses is a great factor.

Lo and behold, that’s easier said than done. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you are seeking for advice on the pitch-perfect glasses that are the right match for your face shape, feel at home.

Many ‘experts’ will tell you that picking the right shape will balance your facial features. However, there is more to it.

This article will decipher everything you need to consider to land the perfect glasses.

But before we do that, let’s have a quick look at the type of face shapes.

There are multiple face shapes but we shall mainly focus on the most common which are;

  • Square-shaped face
  • Heart-shaped face
  • Oval-shaped face
  • Round-shaped face

Square face shape

These face shapes are distinguished by wide cheekbones, forehead and a rectangular jawline. Since an individual with such a face has a boxy face, it’s always wise to settle for round-shaped or oval glasses.

With round glasses, you get to tone the features at the same time complement your face. On top of the round glasses, you can also go for the cat eye style frames.

Point to remember: always keep off the square shaped glasses as they will magnify your square-shaped facial features.

The heart-shaped

Characterized by a wide forehead and sharp jawline, it’s probably one of the hardest shape faces to get the right glasses for.

As a balance for the pointed chin, go for the retro square glasses or any other wide glasses.

Oval face shape

If you have an oval-shaped face, you are lucky since you can easily pull off any type of glasses style.

Although you may have a lot of options, always keep in mind the proportion: rimless frame readers blend well with petite faces while longer faces go with full frame glasses.

Round Face Shape

Round faces face one challenge which is the lack of angles. This, in turn, means that you can choose rectangular glasses that add dimension to your face.

Always avoid round styles, as they add extra curviness and width to a circular shape.

Now that we have known the type of face shapes, let’s go to the tips to help you find the right glasses for your face.

Finding Out the Size of Your Face

The first thing you should always consider before buying glasses is to establish the exact size of your face. Are you narrow, medium or wide?

The size of your face influences the glass sizes that look and feel good on you.

You can use a ruler to as using a tape measure is prone to inconsistencies. Stand in front of the mirror and measure the distance between the left and right temple.

The width of your face should always match the width of the glasses you are looking to buy. To establish the frame’s width, add the nose bridge to the frame width. The total frame length should be equal to the face’s width.

Also, try and establish your face’s length by measuring from the chin to the hairline. If the width of your face is is smaller than the length, then you have a long face. If they are approximately equal, then you have a short face.

Establish the Colors That Match Your Skin Tone

Just like the shape of your face, skin tone is another important factor to consider while choosing the right glasses.

Weightier than the eye and hair color, your skin tone sets better parameters in selecting the right frames and glasses that match your face.

It’s always advisable that you select shades flanking to your skin tone.

If you sport a bronze, yellow or golden cast to your skin, consider yourself to be in the warm complexion category. If you are in the warm complexion category, stay away from contrasting colors. Black and white frames are also a no-go zone. Instead, always go for brown-shaded and the likes.

If you happen to be in the cool skin tone category, always avoid frames that will wash you out and go for silver, gray, blue etc

Your Lifestyle

The type of glasses you wear should always reflect your lifestyle. You don’t want to show up for an official meeting dawning in welding glasses.

While buying glasses, always consider the activity you will be involved in. if you are the hyperactive person, always look for flexible frames that can bend without snapping. If you are gaming, always settle for the ones that enhance your gaming capabilities.

Looking to impress the big wigs at the office? Accessorize to come up with a sensible style.


The type of glasses can communicate a lot about your personality. You can choose to have a pair that emphasizes your business tone and another that showcases your casual side over the weekend.

Closing thoughts

Choosing the right pair of glasses not only balances your facial features, it also complements your style and most importantly elevates your confidence.

Every pair of glass has unique and variant elements so it’s a matter of trying out the ones you like and determining whether they suit you.


This article has been posted behalf of Dan Chabert from That Sweet Gift.