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5 Top Glasses Brands

1. Calvin Klein

calvin klein glassesCalvin Klein is not only a huge brand in the world of fashion but they are also one of the most endeared brands of eyeglasses. However, they adopt the same revered modern, sophisticated style with their eyeglasses as they do with their clothing.  The Calvin Klein collection offers both plastic and metal frames in square, rectangular, round, rimless and semi-rimless styles. They have frames to suit every budget, for men and women, all of which are high quality and are sure to make a statement.

2. Ray Ban

Ray Ban sun glassesRay Ban are a huge brand when it comes to sunglasses – it is likely that you’ve seen or heard of many a celebrity donning a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. However Ray Ban is also a huge brand when it comes to eyeglasses too. Ray Ban are a global eyewear market leader and are by and large the best-selling eyewear brand in the world at the moment. Many of the frame types available as sunglasses are also offered in their optic eyewear range including Wayfarer and Pilot as well as regular frame types such as rectangular and round. Ray Bans are one of the best eyewear brands on the market offering frames which are high quality and distinctively stylish.

3. Oakley

Oakley glassesRight up there with Ray Ban in the list of the world’s leading eyewear brand is Oakley. Again, you will probably have heard of Oakley most prolifically for their collection of sunglasses. Oakley offer stylish collections of glasses for both lifestyle and active wear. The Oakley prescription eyewear collection for both men and women offers a blend of style and comfort. Oakley is renowned for their distinctive thick frames however they do also offer rimless and half-rim frames. Oakley are truly a premium eyewear brand, they build their frames to last so expect highly durable quality.

4. Prada

Prada sunglassesAs well as men and women’s clothing, perfumes, footwear and accessories, fashion label Prada are also a huge designer eyewear brand. Prada is a worldwide renowned label so you’re sure to make a statement with any set of frames from their collections. If you plan on wearing glasses frequently or for business meetings, you will want to invest in an impressive set of frames.  You are sure to get noticed in a beautiful set of Prada frames. They are of a superior quality and offer a futuristic stylish appearance.

5. Armani

Armani sunglassesIf you want a luxurious set of frames, Armani offer an endless number of options. They are one of the biggest names in the world of eyewear, as well as the fashion world. Armani frames encapsulate sophistication, class and style. Each set of frames are designed to make a statement and this is one brand renowned for offering only top quality lenses and glasses.

We hope you’ve found this post useful in determining which brand of eyeglasses to choose!

What are your favourite brands of eyeglasses?


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