8 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

8 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas to Stand Out from the Crowd

The classic beauty of a diamond solitaire cannot be denied. For lovers of traditionalism and minimalism, a simple and sparkling engagement ring is a perfect choice.

However, in the last few years more and more brides and grooms to be have moved toward unique and stand-out designs that truly represent their personality, taste, and relationship.

If you’re looking for unique engagement ring inspiration, these ideas are certain to get the creative fires burning!

1. Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones have come in and out of fashion over the years. Sapphires were once a very popular choice for engagement rings and the move away from traditionalism sees the popularity of colored gemstones beginning to rise again!

Sapphires and colored diamonds remain the first choice due to their durability – they are great for everyday wear making them the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

2. No Diamonds at All

In the spirit of love is love, men, women, non-binary and queer people alike are now enjoying the romantic sentiment of an engagement or commitment ring – but with a difference! Twisted or shaped metal bands, stunning ring stacks, or engraved styles have become more and more popular. Less recognizable as ‘an engagement ring’ these pieces of jewelry represent modern love stories and are re-writing the rules of wedding jewelry.

3. A-symmetry

The iconic slanted pear/emerald cut diamond combination is now a firm favorite with jewelry lovers (and even engagement ring designers) as the asymmetrical styles have already made their way to the hands of celebrities. An asymmetrical design is a simple but powerful way to ensure your engagement ring stands out.

4. Something old, something new

Re-purposing a family heirloom or upcycling a vintage ring creates a fantastic starting point for creating an entirely unique engagement ring. Look for a skilled bench-worker or jeweler to help you create the ring of your dreams. The custom engagement rings at Washingtondiamond.com can be created from treasured jewelry of the past, or from something new entirely.

5. Make a statement

Chunkier, large rings aren’t typically associated with engagement – but why not! If you are used to wearing heavy/larger jewelry, there’s no reason why your engagement ring shouldn’t follow your natural style. Cocktail-style rings are an eye-catching alternative to a traditional solitaire.

6. A Personal Touch

Working with a jeweler, you can have a message or symbol placed in your engagement ring. A lot of high end jewellers, like Jacque Fine Jewellery in Sydney are more than happy to make some personal additions to an engagement ring. Popular choices include a small colored diamond representing a child (or loved one), an engraved date or significant coordinates, or even intricate metal work of a symbol – whatever has meaning to you, a good jeweler will be able to include it in your ring.

7. Make it Magic

Whether it’s Harry Potter, Games of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, the relationship between fantasy and jewelry continues to go from strength to strength. Your favorite books or films can add a magical touch to your engagement ring, just like these Disney-Inspired engagement rings.

8. Break the Rules

Ultimately, the rules and conventions surrounding marriage have changed greatly over the past few decades, and wedding jewelry should reflect this! The most unique engagement rings are those which have been chosen with the wearer in mind and defy the usual traditions.


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