Outfit Tips for Women Ravers

Outfit Tips for Women Ravers

As a woman, choosing rave outfits for a rave party may challenge your fashion sense. After all, you have to consider the location of the concert or rave party and what outfits will give you the most confidence.

As a lover of rave events, you already understand the importance of developing your own personal style. Therefore, it’s essential to choose items that personalize your look but keep with the theme of the party.

Outfit Tips for Women Raver

Once you determine what rave outfits work for you, you’ll have a great time choosing an ensemble – made especially for you.

1) First and foremost, think about the projected weather forecast and the venue’s atmosphere before deciding on an outfit.

If outdoors, do your best to predict whether it will be cold, rainy, dry, hot, humid, wet, or varied throughout the day. When uncertain, play it smart and use removable layers! In fact, this small tip is useful, regardless of the weather or the event location.

Layers allow you to keep warm for part of the day and work out very well, especially if you can easily remove them. Also, it’s important to note that even indoor venues crank up the air conditioning. Therefore, the idea of layering–indoors or outdoors–is highly practical.

Some Outfit Ideas that Feature Layering

You might consider the following ideas for creating the perfect rave outfit:

  • Cosmic leggings under booty shorts
  • Pashminas are wrapped like a scarf, or even wrapped around your waist or head to keep you extra warm
  • Long socks over your short socks or leggings

Again, make it easy to remove layers as well as fold and pack them in your bag. And if layering is not your thing, you can always opt to wear a bodysuit instead – one that is comfortable, which can be worn on its own or with a light shawl.

2) Secondly, use breathable fabrics! Of course, if it is cold, you’ll want to cover up – but remember that you will be dancing, so you’ll still get warm. Therefore,  make sure that whatever outfit you wear is comfortable and is designed to wick away moisture.

3) Thirdly, make sure your shoes are both stylish and comfortable! While heels may bring out the sensual, confident, and fiery diva in you, wearing flats will ensure you have an easier time dancing freely on the dance floor.

If the concert is scheduled outdoors and the weather is damp or cold, boots and high-tops are your best bet. Otherwise, if you’re attending an indoor event, or if the weather is sunny and dry,  sandals or sneakers are ideal! And if you are planning on being out in the field, make sure to cover your ankles because it could get muddy.

How to Achieve the Raver Look

If you’re new to the rave scene, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of color and patterns in the raver’s wardrobe. Here are a few tips that can help you get into the raver state of mind:

  • Choose colorful clothing: The raver aesthetic is all about color. The brighter, the better! While dark-colored clothing is fine, it’s not very raver-like.
  • Add patterns to your outfit: Ravers aren’t afraid of patterns. In fact, they love them! From polka dots to animal prints, the designs are great for adding flair and interest.
  • Use accessories to tie everything together: Accessories are a great way to fuse all the elements in your outfit. From headbands and gloves to scarves and shoes, you can create a distinct look with the right accessories.

Final Thoughts About Raver Outfits

Raver outfits are all about expressing yourself through fashion. Whether you prefer to go for loud and bold or want to keep things more simple and refined, it’s important to find a style that reflects who you are and expresses your feminine side. Now that you know what to wear to a rave party, it’s definitely time to go shopping!


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