Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding

Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding On a Budget

Planning a wedding is a tremendous job that involves dozens of small details. If you have recently become engaged and are wondering how to start planning your wedding while staying on a tight budget, you will find that there are many options for frugal couples. Many modern couples are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their nuptials and have a more intimate wedding.

The average cost of a wedding today hovers around $30,000. That is a significant investment for just one day. Many couples are choosing to scale back their wedding budgets to save for a home or invest in their future in other ways. If you have an idea of what you want for your wedding but need to stay on a budget, you will need to get a bit creative and be willing to make compromises.

Deciding as a couple what type of event you want to have and the areas where you can compromise, like hiring a wedding planner are good steps towards creating a frugal wedding plan. Let’s take a closer look at a few tips for planning your dream wedding on a budget.

Set Your Spending Limit

The most important part of planning your wedding when you are on a budget is to set a strict spending limit. Consider who will be contributing funds to your wedding and how much you will be getting. Next, you need to set a limit that you will spend on credit. When you are setting your budget limit, an essential factor will be your ability to pay off your bills in as short a time as possible. You don’t want to start your married journey together with a huge amount of debt hanging over your heads.

Review Guest List

It doesn’t take much for your wedding guest list to get out of hand. Coworkers, family friends, and other associates can often get squeezed on the list when they shouldn’t be. Keep in mind that the more people you invite, the more money you will need to spend. Talk with your families about who you will be included in your guest list and go through a few compromises. For example, if you have a big family, but you don’t see them very often, you may limit first cousins only, and those who aren’t married will not be invited with a guest.

Affordable Location

Some of the most popular wedding venues can cost a fortune. While you may have a vision of your wedding day, most likely, the location is flexible. Get creative with your location and try to find a place that will look beautiful on a budget. Here are a few ideas of affordable and creative locations for your wedding:

  • Family home backyard
  • Beach
  • Public park
  • Art gallery
  • Library
  • Winery
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Museum

Flexible Date

Traditionally, most people choose to hold their wedding on a Saturday afternoon and evening, but that isn’t set in stone. You are free to schedule your wedding on any day of the week and time. In fact, you can save a bunch of money by being flexible with your date and time. You may want to hold your wedding on a Friday night or have a brunch wedding on a Sunday morning. Being flexible about your wedding timing can help you to find more venue options that you can afford.

Embrace DIY

The more vendors you have to hire for your wedding, the larger your budget. For creative and thrifty brides, embracing DIY projects can be a fun and affordable option. You can get your wedding party in on the creative process. You and your bridesmaids can make your own wedding flowers, create custom favors, or tailor your own dresses. There are endless ways to save money on your wedding if you decide to take care of some of the details on your own. If you are trying to keep your expenses down, work with your wedding party to handle the planning on your own instead of hiring an expensive wedding planner.

Use Your Contacts

Now is the time to take advantage of all the favors you have banked over the past couple of years. If you have a friend or a family member that is a good photographer, ask them if they would be willing to shoot your wedding as a gift. You may know a good DJ that will give you a discounted price for a few promising recommendations. If you have a great mixologist friend, get them to work the bar at your wedding for no charge. By taking advantage of your talented family and friends, you can save a bundle on your wedding costs.

Planning a wedding on a budget may be more challenging, but it can be done with style and class. Follow these tips to help you plan the wedding of your dreams while sticking to your frugal budget.


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