Wedding Decoration Ideas

Summer 2021-2022 Wedding Decoration Trends

Every New Year comes with new engagements, new seasons, new fashion and makeup trends … and, this year, a new decade!

The arrival of the New Year and the new decade takes on new possibilities and traditions of new trends. Over the past few years, modern weddings have become less about the big fat style fuss and about choosing your own adventure. To help you plan a wedding that is especially yours, here are choices of our wedding trends for 2021 and 2022.

It should not be considered a trend, but today more and more couples are remembering the impact their wedding ceremony has on them and making choices for a more sustainable celebration. For more ideas on how to make an eco-friendly wedding, see this article.

Eco-Friendly Frills

Eco Friendly Frills

“Today young couples are more aware of the social and environmental implications of their choices. Moreover, for your wedding bottle service, you can elevate your style with a bottle wrapped in a satin napkin! You can add a custom gift tag or engagement photo tag for an extra touch of character. This is a classy and definitely eco-friendly way that you can do on other occasions, too. As a result, there is a growing tendency to use eco-friendly decor. When flowers are used, families are more aware of the use of local and seasonal ones so that their production and transportation do not harm the environment. ”

Decorate Feeding Tables

Decorate Feeding TablesIt can be sweet or savory; beautifully made tableware doubles as pre-dinner or post-dinner food and is more popular than ever. Since the number of guests this year does not flow over 300, people will have more time to spend with each other and a more trendy way than locally available themed feeding tables.

Areas such as food and drink can be made unique and personal, from custom signature cocktails created with the couple’s story to unique canapés and desserts that reflect each other’s style. Choose from beautiful options such as vegan street food vendors, and vintage ice cream vans.

Edge and Geometric Pattern Step Decor

Edge and Geometric Pattern Step DecorMade in black and white stripes and LED-lit triangles this musical stage is one of the latest Wedding decoration ideas.

Straight Shining and Stellar Stage Straight from a Fairy Tale

With glittering gold strings, huge handmade flowers, and silver and white hanging decorations, the peculiar brilliance of this stage is unmatched. In addition to the simple white seating and a few candles, this magical and classic theme is nothing more than a wedding stage decoration.

The stage is No Less Than a Flower Powerhouse

The stage is No Less Than a Flower PowerhouseThe beautiful stage is set in a red blooming semi-circle backdrop with an antique vase-cum-candelabras with a beige sofa and chairs. Along with the multi-flowered and light chandeliers as well as the chandelier ceiling built with huge cascading flowers, this wedding stage decorating idea is a perfect treasure.

A Whimsical Rustic & Gold Decor

Gold accents, fantastic lights on antique candle stand-cum-vases, and white floral arrangements with beautiful candle loads adorned the stage very beautifully. The intricate details of this gorgeous setting are beyond excellence and we are damaged.

Brass & Gold Mandap-Cum-Stage Setup for Outstanding Elegance

Brass Gold Mandap Cum Stage Setup for Outstanding EleganceBeautifully designed and detailed brass framework with a sharp and distinctive faux inverted dome made of brass leaves, this setting definitely counts among the latest wedding decorations. Adding to the splendor of this stage are antique decorative pieces, a sofa, and classy chairs.

Glam cocktail shimmer and shine for the night

Complete in delicate glitter embellishments, crystal, and beaded strings and lights, the magical and glam aura of this bespoke stage touches a string with our hearts. Slightly further away from our imagination right, this step is beyond the subtle and delicate class words of makeup

A round stage with sharp patterns and decor

Between the geometrically patterned floor and ceiling, this round stage set is a combination of both beautiful and sharp with beautiful white and pink seating. This stage is designed for such a unique indoor decor idea.

Pretty prints and flowers go hand in hand

Pretty prints and flowers go hand in handFor a stage and floral printed sofa seating with a printed carpet, a huge wreath with pink and white floral wreaths will fit very nicely. The sheer beauty of this stage is so much more!


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