Wedding Details You Shouldn't Forget

Wedding Details You Shouldn’t Forget

You set the date; it’s finally happening. You are about to embark on a lifelong journey with your partner. But before the big day, you need to get a few things in order.

Yes, you have the venue, band, and caterer booked, but there is more to a wedding than just that. Oftentimes it’s the smaller details that make the difference in a wedding. The details may be small, but they can have a significant impact on your wedding experience. There are a few aspects you shouldn’t forget when planning your wedding.

Make Sure Everything is Tailored

It’s great that you found the perfect wedding dress and suit, but have you considered what the bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear? It’s not enough to pick a style and color. In fact, if you leave this detail to chance, you could end up with different shades of the same color and ill-fitting suits. You want uniformity in the style, fitting, and color, so everyone comes out looking picture perfect.

Once you make your selections, it’s time to find a tailor for the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen tuxes. It’s the simplest way to ensure consistent quality throughout the wedding wear. Pick a tailor in advance of your wedding that suits your taste. Make sure that they are open to making alterations before the wedding; that way, the dresses, and suits fit well even if the team goes through the prewedding weight gain or loss.

Nonalcoholic Options

The bar is a focal point for many weddings. Alcohol helps people loosen up and have fun, so it can play a part in your wedding. Although many people like to drink at a wedding, some don’t. As a host, you should also consider serving nonalcoholic drinks.

Consider serving nonalcoholic beverages or mocktails. You can serve a personalized bar menu for those that want alcohol and those who don’t. Pair the drinking options with the menu and use their color to add to the decor. That way, you cater to everyone with a personalized touch.

The Elements

When it comes to outdoor weddings, most couples focus on the weather. The weather is essential; you don’t want to be caught in the rain or have a chilly reception. If it is a hot day, consider using fans or turning to heaters if it becomes cold.

Other things you should consider are the natural environment. You can’t control some critters, so you can help your guests deter them, for example, using bug spray. You can set up a relief station for guests to help them handle elements. You can fit the station with bug spray, sunscreen, fans, or hand sanitizer, so your guests won’t be at the mercy of the elements.

A Kids Area

Kids look cute in their suits and dresses, running around giggling and having fun. But they can be hard to manage. Don’t hold it against them; they have a lot of energy and rarely understand the gravity of ceremonies like a wedding. The best thing you can do is to constructively distract them.

You start by creating a space for them. A kids’ zone will allow them to play, eat, and have fun without interrupting the ceremony. The area can have activities like arts and crafts to keep them engaged for hours. Kids may not appreciate fine dining or a three-course meal, so you can provide them with their own food that they would enjoy, like pizza or hotdogs.

If there isn’t enough room to create a dedicated space, a table can do just as well. You can fill the table with simple, fun activities like coloring books, toys, and games. Whether it is a wide space or a table, the kids will need adult supervision. Make sure you provide one to look after the kids as the ceremony progresses.

Little Things for the Big Day

As you go through your list of big and small tasks to complete, make sure you don’t lose sight of the essential things. If life was perfect, it wouldn’t be interesting, so don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan. Focus on the things that you can control to make the day special; what makes the day special is the union.


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