Wedding Flowers 2022

Wedding Flowers 2022: What’s In and What’s Not

Wedding flowers have long been a treasured part of this special occasion. Brides carried bouquets to ward off bad luck and welcome a new beginning and hopes of fertility and happy marriage. Likewise, wedding flowers have the occasion’s theme from the bridal bouquet and the church decor to the reception hall.

With weddings escalating this year, we will look into wedding flower trends in 2022. We will also consider wedding flower trends in the pandemic and what to expect when planning your wedding floral arrangement. Read on.

What’s In: Wedding Flower Trends 2022

Wedding Flower 2022

Statement Flowers

Bold color palettes of bright pinks, reds, oranges, and purples have been prominent in 2021. Dramatic and luxurious colors are here to stay for weddings in 2022. If you’re big on colors of the year, Pantone revealed the rich shade of periwinkle called Very Peri is the color of 2022. As people emerge from the pandemic, the color symbolizes new visions as people rewrite their lives.

Its bold colors and more oversized florals are trendy in 2022. Paris Hilton’s wedding ceremony featured a USD$100,000 floral install, and many other celebrities opted for grand floral arrangements like full-floral arches. It’s best to choose a reputable wedding florist to help make this trend a success.

Many brides favor structured bouquets that stand out and are expressive for the bridal bouquet. The floral arrangement uses a solid color base with a contrasting color to add interest.

Sunset Tones

Another trend in wedding flowers is a compromise between bold colors and neutrals—an earthy neutral palette. If you don’t want to go full bloom, you can opt for muted hues. You can choose from amber, rust, mauve, and sunset tones.

Cascading, Exotic Wedding Bouquet

Another breakthrough trend this year is the choice of rare and exotic wedding flowers. Brides are going for amaranthus, sarracenia, and rare orchids. As for the style, the non-traditional bride will be partial towards the unconventional semi-cascading bouquet.

Dried Floral Elements

Another non-traditional take on wedding flowers is dried flowers combined with fresh flowers. This trend from the previous year emerged amid the pandemic as it encourages sustainability. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about wilting due to last-minute changes to wedding dates when you choose a display of dried flower arrangements. The combination of fresh and dried flowers also balances color and texture in wedding flowers.

Textured Floral Arrangements

There is an emerging trend to add more texture to the floral arrangements, from textured bouquets to the wedding ceremony and reception decor. Features such as loose stems, gold monster leaf, pampas grass, and rattan add texture and depth to wedding flowers in 2022.

Fresh Greenery

Recently becoming a popular choice for wedding flowers is adding the touch of fresh greens. You can also add nature-inspired shades of yellow and brown. Combining green and white tones is also seen at large in wedding centerpieces. Further, this combination best compliments wedding dresses, something you should consider when planning your bridal bouquet.

What’s Out: Say Goodbye To These Wedding Flower Trends In 2022

Anything Unnatural

Brides are leaving out anything synthetic for their wedding floral arrangement. Naturalness is key in achieving a wedding flower arrangement that will bring out a nod of approval from most. It’s best to steer clear of artificial flowers, foil confetti, and balloons. As more people become eco-conscious, brides are also more considerate of selecting in-season wedding flowers from local suppliers. This also helps address the flower shortage, considering an estimated 2.47 million weddings are set to take place in 2022.

Pastel Hues

This year there is a push to integrate deeper tones of reds, purples, and greens. Brides who love pastels may want to incorporate richer hues into their floral arrangements in 2022.

Flower Crowns

The hippie style was popular in the 1960s and reemerged in the early 2010s with rose flower crowns. Now the trend is coming to its much-needed rest. Instead, brides are going for a more relaxed look pinning bud roses on their hair. This more relaxed vibe is also evident in groomsmen’s buttonholes which favor a mini mixed floral arrangement instead of just a single flower.

What To Expect: Wedding Flower Arrangement Planning In 2022

There remain shipping issues, especially when ordering flowers from outside the country. There have been fewer plantings amid lockdowns. On top of that, flower farms are suffering from poor growing conditions globally. Unpredictable rain, droughts, colder nights, and wildfires affected the harvest of flowers in South America, where the U.S. sources their flowers.

Wedding florists encourage early bookings to ensure supply. Many professional florists are also getting more creative to make sure their client’s vision comes to life. Work with your florist to find substitutions and fillers when necessary. This is where flexibility is essential as your florist will help you navigate through the flower shortage, your vision, and your budget.


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