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10 Wedding Dresses That We Have Fallen In love With

One of the most crucial and time-consuming aspects of wedding planning is finding the perfect wedding gown. It may seem strange to be focusing on fashion in the midst of so much chaos, changing plans, postponed and virtual meetings. But when it comes to finding your dream wedding gown, the sky’s the limit! There’s never a shortage of ideas and inspiration for our wonderful brides whether it is a new style, a new silhouette, or a new design. We’ve compiled a list of 10 stunning wedding gown styles for 2022 that you’ll fall in love with.

1. Short Wedding Dresses

This 2022 short wedding dress style is just for you if you’re planning a very relaxed wedding ceremony, with a little bit of dancing or you just want to show off your sexy legs. This style is also perfect for your reception, dinner, and bridal shower.

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2. Lace Style Wedding Dresses

From early 1300, Lace has been a popular bridal fabric since then and till now, and will remain popular in the future too. It will always remain classy and it can be incorporated into any component of your wedding gown, and it can be as modest or as sexual as you like.

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3. Backless Style Wedding Dresses

Backless gowns are becoming more trendy in these years, particularly in the summertime. With bold backless designs, you can show off a little more skin, or go completely backless and show off your lovely back.

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4. Ruffle Style Wedding Dresses

Become a princess by adding ruffles to your wedding dress. Ruffled skirts are joyful, playful, and very feminine. Consider a wedding dress with subtle ruffles and make a fashion statement.

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5. A Splash Of Color

Breaking away from all the rules of wearing a classic white gown and adding a splash of color is one of the trendiest wedding dress styles in 2022. Adding color to your wedding dress is a fun and playful decision on the classic wedding dress, whether you chose a pink gown or lavender gown.

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6. Colorful Floral Style Wedding Dresses

Floral style is never out of trend. While floral designs and bridal gowns are a timeless combination, vivid prints and flamboyant needlework transform this into a beautiful and gorgeous design. Keep your accessories minimal and allow your gown to take all the attention.

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7. Pant Style Wedding Dresses

What, no gown? Not a problem. You can choose pants that are very easy to wear, figure-flattering, and extremely trendy. Wear them like a badass boss lady. Try with crop tops, also with shorts, and give your classic wedding pantsuit a joyful and festive vibe.

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8. High Leg Slit Style Wedding Dresses

If you want to show off some skin while still wearing a classic long gown, a high-slit wedding dress is just perfect for you. This is a modern bridal outfit that seems like it came right off the catwalk, and it’s perfect for all those fashionista brides. Go full feminine style in a wedding dress that reveals a lot of skin. Go for a side slit or a mid slit.

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9. Mermaid Style Wedding Dresses

Do you still have princess dreams to dress up like a princess? Then why not try on some mermaid wedding gowns? It is also known as the “Fish” dress. The bodice of the “Mermaid” wedding gown is entirely covered and tapered to the knee. Try mermaid-style silhouettes and show off your stunning femme figure.

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10. Corset Style Wedding Dresses

Corsets give a stunning vintage look to your wedding dress. Corsets support your bust and cinch your waist making you look sexy in a classy style. You can try a wedding gown with a simple corset or in lace style.

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So, which one of these wedding dress designs grabbed your attention the most? Comment below one of your favorites and share your thoughts on more wedding dress designs!


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