Pay Attention to what Size your Dress will be Ordered

The Ultimate Style Guide To Choose Indian Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing the best bridesmaid dresses for your special day can be overwhelming. On top of an endless number of color options, styles, and features to consider, it’s not a simple matter of choosing bridesmaid dresses that fit and flatter each member of your crew.

Oh, and did we mention that everyone has different budgets, preferences, and shopping expectations? While it’s not your job to please each of your bridesmaids, you still want to ensure that everyone looks and feels amazing in their bridesmaid dresses.

If all this sounds a little discouraged, don’t sweat it. We’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide that will simplify your bridesmaid dress choosing experience and make everyone look amazing for your big day.

  • Things to Consider Before Buying Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Planning Your wedding dress budget
  • Bridesmaid Colours To Complement Your Wedding Dress
  • How to Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Protecting Your Wedding Dress

Things to Consider Before Buying Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Things to Consider Before Buying Bridesmaid Dresses

Think About Color

What color dress should you choose when shopping for a bridesmaid dress? Should you go for the classic or try something a little more dangerous and sophisticated. Consider the color that suits your wedding colors and overall beauty, tailor the season and compliment your friend’s skin tones.

And don’t be afraid to choose a print like floral or color black. You can also choose a simple color scheme and your bridesmaids will find the dress they like in those parameters.

Consider Venue, Season, formality, and Time of Day

Your wedding date and time will help steer your bridesmaid’s dress choice in the right direction. You are not allowed to wear your wedding party in metal sequence for an afternoon wedding, but glam works well for a formal evening affair. The same thing happens with your platform.

Be Aware of Your Body Type

Although everything looks great on online websites, you need to know which wedding gowns are really meant for you online. Although every woman knows what clothes she looks beautiful in and what she should avoid, this is a more serious matter in your hands, which you should be a little more careful within your research.

Each body type has a cut and style, but to know your cut and style you need to identify your body parts objectively and identify the ones that need to be covered. By recognizing this, you will know what you want, and ordering Indian wedding gowns online is no longer a problem. So start looking at the types of gowns that work best for you.

Do your Research

It’s obvious but I did not fully understand it before I started. I am so excited to start shopping for wedding dresses, I moved up to my first store without having a firm idea of ??what style of dress I wanted.

In fact, there are so many dresses in most stores and the women who work in them don’t know your exact style and taste. I looked up more wedding dresses online and found specific styles, themes for designers I wanted to see.

Even if you do not have a clear idea of ??what dress you want to try on, coming to the bridal shop armed with that shows your tastes and inspirations can help start helpers.

Clothing Does not Fit

This point is especially true for women like me who do not have sample sizes.

This means that for most fittings you will be pinned or kept too small and you have to imagine that it will fit you exactly.

Some stores are fantastic in this regard and will keep you in control cleverly and skillfully, while others, however, will expect you to hang your pants or fly in front of your friends, as happened to me on one occasion. Cool hands are holding the running clothes behind you together.

Pay Attention to what Size your Dress will be Ordered

If the pattern you tried in the store does not fit exactly, the store will order you in a different size dress, which, as I found, can completely change the look of the dress.

From talking to other brides, I have found that in bridal shops it is the standard practice to take your measurements and dress to suit the widest point. This makes sense in most cases, even if the bride does not want the dress to be too short, for a guy like me to be up to 2 sizes shorter than her top at the bottom, which is a very big issue.

Choose your Bridal Store Carefully

After finding your favorite bridal gown. Although there was a feeling from the beginning that this store was not the best in customer service, we persevered and then regretted it a lot, because their bad service eventually broke down how we felt about the wedding dress and our overall wedding experience.

I advise you to pay close attention to how long the store has been waiting for you, whether they will listen to your views or the style and lighting of the fitting rooms.

2. Planning Your wedding dress budget

Bridesmaid Colours To Complement Your Wedding Dress

Think about your total wedding budget

Before you start shopping, you need to determine your total wedding budget, and then decide on the number you will spend comfortably on the wedding dress. Generally, fashion (including both bridal attire and accessories) should consume that total. If your wedding dress is a very important item to you throughout the day, you may be willing to spend a little more on it and a little less on other areas.

Ways to Save on Wedding Dress Shopping

Your wedding dress should make you look like a superstar without reversing your revised and verified wedding budget. So, if you are thinking of how to reduce your wedding dress budget while being able to afford your dream wedding gown, scroll down! Here are some budget tips that will apply nicely to any price range from time to time.

Remember to Factor in the Cost of Alterations

Whether you are ordering a wedding dress directly from a designer or buying anything from Rock at a sample sale, keep in mind that changes are almost always necessary and are always associated with an additional fee. Some studios offer changes at home, while in others you will find your own tailors.

3. Bridesmaid Colours To Complement Your Wedding Dress

Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses


The soft and calm light blue goes very well with white and gives serene vibrations when matched together. One of our brides chose a satin blue dress and it was one of the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses we have ever seen!


Of course, this color is going to be here. Most girls want a pink room at some point. I don’t even have to say how sweet the combination of white and pink is. It is the most feminine and charming color combination you can bring and it is perfect for brides who are young!

Mix Green and Blue

The resulting color Tiffany is the perfect mix of green and blue. This color was first popularized as a color well known to many girls due to the big brand Tiffany & Co. This color is loved by many and easy to see why. Green refreshing hint with a perfectly beautiful gem. It is definitely one of the most popular colors for all occasions!


There are so many beautiful colors and you cannot decide on one? Don’t worry, these brides have faced a similar problem and there is a perfect solution to it! Why choose one when you have everything??


For couples who go for a more classic and minimalist theme, these neutrals are never wrong! A complete white squad for those who appreciate a clean sleek look. You can even show how much you and your bridesmaid are synchronized!

4. How to Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Avoid dry Cleaners

Same Colour Bridesmaid Dresses Different Styles

If you want everyone’s outfit to look more the same, choose the same shade and stick with it. You can choose a simple color palette, similar print/embroidery, or a similar bridesmaid dress that will make it easier for everyone and make it look more blush or bashful. The color of the bridesmaid dress and the color of the bride dress in the picture above are the same but they all wore different design dresses.

Single Color Family, Similar Styles

Every bridesmaid wears the same dress but a different shade that you like the most and it looks so cute, and your ladies love the idea of having their own color! For your girls, you can always put in color, divide by a different shade for everyone.

Single Dress Style in Different Colors

If you find a dress that you absolutely treasure, do not be afraid if everyone wants the same outline. You can still embrace the versatility of “matching-ness” at your wedding party by choosing different colors. While the rainbows are beautiful, keep in mind that they are absolutely not necessary for the wedding party to look at, go for it unless you really want a rainbow vibe!

Different Dress Styles and Colors

If you are committed to using different bridesmaid dresses, you may want to go all out. Combine both different designs and colors in your bridal party ensemble for a truly stunning look. For this option, you can stay in the same family and play with different tones and colors or use the palate of your wedding inspiration while shopping and choosing.

5. Protecting Your Wedding Dress

Think About Color

Avoid dry Cleaners

You may think it is a good idea to dry clean your dress on the days before your wedding day, but this is actually something you want to avoid. There are risks in sending your clothes to dry cleaners. Instead, hang your dress outside its dress bag for a few days before the wedding so that the wrinkles come out naturally. To prevent wrinkles you must steam or press the clothing, read the care instructions thoroughly before proceeding.

Store in a Safe Environment

Keep your clothes clean and away from the reach of pets or kiddos. To avoid unwanted stains or problems, do not leave your clothing cluttered, damp or dirty anywhere. Whenever you take your clothes out of its clothes bag, wash your hands and consider drying them thoroughly and laying a sheet on the floor before your clothes are finished.

Get rid of Wrinkles

A few days before your wedding, carefully remove your wedding dress from its storage location. Using a silk padded hanger, hang the dress somewhere high so that all the wrinkles and creases come out. If the dress still has some dull wrinkles one or two days before the wedding day, you can hang the dress in the bathroom while the hot shower is running. Of course, you want to be extra careful that the clothes hang from the shower, so it doesn’t get wet.

After the wedding, Clean your Dress

Before you leave for your honeymoon, ask a bridesmaid or family member to leave your clothes at your local dry cleaners to clean your clothes professionally, before stains form. To best preserve your clothing, you may want to consider buying a preservation-grade, acid-free box or container. It is best to avoid long-term storage on the hanger, as this can lead to stretching of the fabric over time.

6. Tips for Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses

Ways to Save on Wedding Dress Shopping

Have an idea of ??what you are looking for

Don’t go into stores that look like lost sheep. Make sure you do a little research so you know what kind of bridesmaid dress you are looking for. Either you can find something within a mile or the shop assistant can help you find something that fits your specifications.

Set a Reasonable Budget

Before you start thinking about bridesmaid dress styles or colors, the first thing you need to do is dress a budget. Money can be a sensitive issue for some of your famous women, so be careful how you approach them. Consider them talking to each other about their bridesmaid dress budget estimates.

If you have an understanding of what your bridesmaid can reasonably afford for everyone, you can set a budget that does not stress everyone out. Even if their budgets range from mid-range to high-end, browsing for affordable bridesmaid dresses will not be an inconvenience, it will make everyone look very minimal.

Choose Dress Fabrics Wisely

When it comes to shopping for a bridesmaid dress, there is more fabric choice than you might think. There are your bridesmaid’s comfort to consider, as well as your wedding venue and theme.

Make a Decision Based on your Vision

Determining the focus of your bridesmaid dress is such an important step in this process. When you decide on what you want to see for your girls. Do you see them in unmatched bridesmaid dresses; They all follow the same color scheme, the same outfits for each of the same color and different dresses.

Start looking at Styles

Each of your bridesmaids will have different body shapes, heights, and styles. Even if it’s still your wedding, these things are a very good thing to consider and will be greatly appreciated by your girls. Think about the styles and shapes you see in the clothes you usually wear and see if they fit all of them.

Alternatively, there is always the possibility of having a miss-match bridesmaid dress as we mentioned above. This is a really popular wedding trend that we have been seeing more and more in recent years.


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