Jewelry To Match Wedding Dress

16 Tips & Ideas for Matching Your Jewelry To Your Wedding Dress

Wedding accessories are like icing on cakes or cherries on top of ice creams. Without them, your dress will look incomplete no matter how gorgeous it is. Still, you don’t want to over-decorate your ensemble. It’s important to select the right pieces to achieve a balanced and beautiful look. To help you with that, we’ve rounded up the best tips and ideas for matching jewelry with your wedding dress.

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Rules for Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

1. Match Your Metals

If you want to achieve an elegant look, choose one metal color for your jewelry. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or platinum, sticking with a single precious metal helps create a much more harmonious look.

2. Less Is More

You don’t need a lot of accessories to create a statement. A few pieces are enough as long as you select the right items. To avoid looking overdone, pick one focal piece and keep the rest of your accessories subtle.

3. Match It With Your Engagement Ring

Diamond rings add a touch of glam to even the simplest wedding ensemble. If you’re wearing your engagement ring at your wedding, you can make it the centerpiece of your outfit and keep everything else simple. Match the metals of your diamond ring band to your other jewelry pieces.

4. Consider Your Dress Color

The color of your dress can also help you decide what accessories will look great on you. Don’t forget that white comes in different shades. Make sure to choose the colors that best complement the shade of your wedding dress.

For example, gold metals are foolproof options for warmer white dresses. These include yellow gold, rose gold, and ivory. Meanwhile, for “true white” dresses”, platinum pieces work best.

5. Consider Your Hairstyle

Consider your hairstyle when choosing accessories too. Decide between small studs and dangling earrings based on whether you’re leaving your hair down or pulling it away from your hair.

6. Consider Your Décolletage

Like your hairstyle, your neckline is also a major factor to consider when selecting bridal jewelry.

Strapless Necklines

Necklaces look stunningly perfect with strapless gowns. We recommend wearing a choker or shorter-length piece.

Sweetheart Necklines

This neckline works wonderfully with a medium-length pendant or drop necklace. Since a sweetheart dress already has a flattering cut, simple necklaces, earrings, and bracelets work best with it.

Halter Necklines or High Necklines

Wedding dresses with a high neckline don’t have much room for a necklace. You can reserve the sparkle for a pair of elaborate statement earrings and bracelets.


A drop necklace enhances the dramatic shape of this neckline. You can also choose to skip the necklace entirely and opt for statement earrings since it’s a very flattering neckline that looks amazing on its own.

7. Stick to What You Know

This is perhaps the most important rule of all ? choose the pieces that you feel most comfortable with. If you prefer gold jewelry, go for it. If you’re not into statement pieces, skip them. If you don’t wear heels, then don’t. When you’re comfortable with your accessories, carrying them in style is easier.

8. Wedding Jewelry Tips

Don’t worry about perfectly matching your rings

There is nothing out there that says your wedding band has to match your custom engagement ring. It’s completely alright if your rings don’t have the same shape or setting, or aren’t flush against each other.

9. Prioritize personal style

Choose the pieces that best reflect your personality and style, and make you feel confidently beautiful. Don’t let anyone dictate your choice of accessories.

10. Keep it simple

Even if you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding, keeping your ensemble simple is the best way to go. Even royal brides like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle went for simple yet graceful styles.

Wedding Jewelry Ideas & Inspiration

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11. Trending Wedding Jewelry

  • 2020-21 are years we will never forget. This also translates to our jewelry choice. Whether you prefer a custom engagement ring or a traditional one, you want to invest in pieces that you’ll enjoy again and again over the years.
  • Drop earrings are also the trend now, particularly those that feature diamonds, pearls, and other beads.
  • More and more brides are also looking for sustainable options or jewelry items made from ethically sourced materials.

12. Stylish Wedding Shoes

When it comes to picking out the perfect wedding shoes, let your wedding venue, dress, and personal style help you decide. If throwing a seaside or garden wedding, choose shoes that are sand or grass-friendly like block heel sandals, flats, or closed-toe pumps.

Choose the shoes you can walk confidently in. Lastly, consider styles that offer added comfort, such as padded foot cushions and ankle straps.

13. Classic Wedding Jewelry

Diamonds are the go-to gems of a classic bride. The trick is to choose pieces that sparkle but don’t take the attention away from your engagement ring and your dress.

For a timeless and elegant look, you can also go for pearls and earrings, and blue gemmed pieces.

14. Romantic Wedding Jewelry

Vintage, rustic and chic pieces make up romantic wedding accessories. Pick unique styles that feature curvy, vine-like patterns and florals to add depth, sweetness, and romantic flair to your wedding look.

15. Glam Wedding Jewelry

Since a glam wedding is all about luxury, feel free to wear elaborate pieces, such as sparkly diamond necklaces and statement chandelier earrings.

16. Boho Wedding Jewelry

A bohemian bride steals the show for her ethereal, soft, and romantic vibe. The best picks for boho wedding jewelry include floral headpieces, shoulder chains, and leaf vine earrings.

Boho jewelry can be anything that uses natural materials such as leather, shells, strings, and base metals.

Conclusion: Be Yourself

While there is no precise rule when it comes to choosing wedding jewelry, these guidelines should help you achieve a balanced and beautiful look.

Don’t forget that the most important tip is to choose the pieces that reflect who you are as a bride and as a person. When you’re able to pull off a look that highlights your style, you’d feel more comfortable and confident walking down the aisle.


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