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How To Begin Searching For Your Wedding Dress

Getting married is one of the most wonderful things that could happen in your life. It’s where you officially tie the knot and be with your partner indefinitely. With that, you may want to ensure your special day will go as perfectly as possible.

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As you choose your wedding dress, you’d want to look like how you’ve always pictured yourself while you’re still a little girl. The goal is to look for the prettiest wedding dresses you’ll surely fall in love with the moment you fit yourself right in them.

Moreover, listed below are the tips on how you can begin your wedding dress search and make your dreams come true:

1. Plan Ahead

For your wedding dress search, it’d be ideal if you could put this on your priority list as alteration and customization could take a while due to the craftsmanship. When you’re planning to have a custom wedding dress, you should consider looking for a gown at least a year before your wedding day to allow time for adjustments.

Moreover, if you’re planning to have a store-bought dress, most shops would recommend you go shopping at least six months before your wedding. In this way, you can allow enough time for alterations you’ll be having, along with any adjustments in case of drastic size changes.

2. Set Your Budget

Wedding gowns are expensive, and they don’t cost the same as your regular dresses. Moreover, it can also take up a chunk of your budget. With this, you should give yourself a limit as to how much you’re willing to spend for a dress you’ll wear as you walk down the aisle.

As you set your budget, you can filter your design choices, see your options, and know how much your budget takes you. In this way, you can set your expectations about fabric and style choices as some may come in costly price tags.

3. Browse For Designs

Before you go to a wedding dress shop, it’d be ideal if you have a design in mind. In this way, you can save time by not going through all of the catalogs only to find out it’s not a look that makes you happy.

Ideally, you should begin browsing for inspirations online or in a wedding magazine and try to visualize yourself about which design you think would best complement your body shape. You can even look for guides online that provide you outline about which type of dress would go well for you. You can choose between ballgown, mermaid, or A-line. You can even pick which type of embellishments you’d like. It could be adding a silk belt, lace, plenty of beads, or pocket dresses.

As you browse for designs, you can already have your favorites and try to look for a similar dress in wedding gown shops and have your ‘this is it’ moment.

4. Consider The Theme

Apart from choosing which wedding dress best complements your body, you should also consider your wedding theme. To allow your wedding to have the full motif experience, it’d be ideal if you could match the dress with it.

For a beach wedding, you should consider having a flowy dress that’ll flawlessly move as you walk on the sand. For a royalty theme, a ball gown or mermaid dress while using luxury fabric would be excellent. In this way, you can allow the decorations and dress to go along with each other.

5. Bring Close People With You

Wedding dress shopping is more fun when you bring people who are close to you. In this way, you can ask for their opinions and have someone enjoy the day with them. However, you need to be careful about who to bring as some may provide unfiltered views that may cause your feelings to be hurt.

Ideally, you should bring people who are truly close to you such as your family and your best friend. Moreover, you shouldn’t tag along with people who always have conflicting opinions as it could bring tension to your wedding shopping day, which may take away your bridal mood.

6. Shop At Multiple Stores

Never limit yourself to shopping in a single store as there are plenty of designs around you. Ideally, you should visit as many wedding dress shops as possible so you could see which style makes the perfect fit.

As you shop at multiple stores, you can widen your options and wait for the magical moment wherein you can completely imagine yourself walking the aisle and meet your partner in front of the altar. While it may take a while, enjoy the moment as you get to try out as much dress as you like.


Wedding dress shopping is one of the most stressful and enjoyable planning you get to have. With that, you may want to cherish every moment and enjoy fitting gowns as much as you want since you don’t get to experience it again. Most importantly, ensure you choose a wedding dress that truly makes you happy.


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