Things You Need To Know About Wedding Veils

All the Things You Need To Know About Wedding Veils

Bridal accessories are useful in completing a bride’s wedding day look. Pieces of jewelry, shoes, purses, and veils are considered the “must have” wedding accessories that you should incorporate into your look. For this article, we will be talking about the most important item that shouldn’t be missed if you follow the standard wedding traditions – the wedding veil.

Traditionally, brides need to wear wedding veils to cast away bad luck or evil spirits that may destroy happiness in the married life of the couple in the future. It also symbolizes modesty and obedience. Hence, a bride must wear a wedding veil in the course of her wedding day ceremony.

Wedding veils vary in styles and based on the length. You have to carefully consider the style of your wedding dress as well as your personal preference when choosing the wedding veil to be partnered with your wedding dress. Below are a few wedding veil styles you can choose from.

Short-length Veils

Short-length VeilsShort-length veils are perfect for brides who do not want their guests to focus on their accessories rather than the wedding dress itself. Short-length veils can also be more comfortable to wear since you do not have to worry about stepping on them as these kinds of veils fall right at the upper body only.

1. Birdcage Wedding Veil

Birdcage Wedding VeilThis kind of veil is usually made of net or lace. It covers your eyes and falls right at your jawline. This is very minimal yet very elegant. A lot of brides from the 70s and 80s era wore this kind of veil which makes it a good choice if you want to go vintage or retro.

2. Shoulder Length Wedding Veil

Shoulder Length Wedding VeilAnother vintage style veil is the shoulder-length veil. It falls perfectly at your shoulder. This one is the go-to veil for brides because it doesn’t grab the attention to the details of their wedding dresses.

3. Blusher Wedding Veil

Blusher Wedding VeilBlusher veil is a less traditional kind of veil but has a vintage feels to it. It falls over the face and ends at the top of your dress or top of your bust area.

4. Elbow Wedding Veil

Elbow Wedding VeilAn elbow veil covers your entire shoulders and ends right at your elbows. If you are more of a conservative type of bride, then the elbow veil is perfect to partner with your wedding dress. It might be traditional but it is still a classy wedding veil choice.

5. Fingertip Wedding Veil

Fingertip Wedding VeilOf course, based on the name of the veil, it falls right at your fingertips. It covers the entire body. However, since it is made of see-through lace, it does not compromise the design of your wedding dress especially if it has an intricate design at the back.

Long-length Veils

Long-length VeilsFor brides who want to make a statement as they walk down the aisle, long length veils are best suited for them. These kinds of veils fall right at the floor and some also extend. This is a very sophisticated choice for a wedding veil, however, it is not the best choice if you plan to move a lot during both your wedding ceremony and reception.

1. Floor Length Wedding Veil

Floor Length Wedding VeilFloor-length wedding veils fall right on the floor and are similar in length to the bride’s wedding dress. It is flowy in a style that could add an extra aesthetic and volume to the overall look of the bride.

2. Chapel Wedding Veil

Chapel Wedding VeilIf you want a longer veil that trains a few inches across the floor, then you can use the chapel wedding veil. Chapel wedding veils extend a bit longer than the bride’s wedding dress length. This kind of veil is usually 90 inches to 100 inches.

3. Cathedral Wedding Veil

Cathedral Wedding VeilThe Cathedral wedding veil is the most dramatic and majestic. It extends more than the usual train of the wedding gown and covers almost the entirety of the whole floor behind the bride. It is usually 108 inches to 120 inches in length. You will need extra yards of lace or sheer fabrics to be able to successfully create a cathedral wedding veil.

This might be disregarded by others but wedding veils are an important accessory to be added to the wedding day look of the bride. These veils vary in price depending on the style and length it has. Some are even priced similarly to the bride’s wedding dress. It can range from $200 to $350 depending on the style it has. If it has an intricate lace and beading design then the price is expected to be higher.

If you live in and around northeastern U.S. state you can find Wedding dress shops near New Jersey that include wedding veils as part of the package of their wedding dresses. You can explore and research around what suits your preference and your budget. Having a wedding veil that complements your wedding dress will surely elevate your wedding day look and will stun your guests and your dashing groom.


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