How to Design a Party Flyer for Events

How to Design a Party Flyer for Events

I’s are dotted, and t’s are crossed for your epic party event that is guaranteed to be one for the books! It’s time to hype it up and get the word out that the best party in town is just around the corner!

Your party flyer should vividly paint a picture of just how legendary your event is going to be. It won’t be that hard to amplify and promote the event of the season. And, with using the flyer maker for your party, how to make a flyer design will be the least of your worries! Let’s get this party started! Read on for the only tips you need on how to design a party flyer.

Conceptualize your design with the celebration in mind

Whether it’s a chilled-out party or a roaring one, your party flyer’s initial impression to the audience should scream ‘celebration’.

Design a Party Flyer for Events

These elements are a must in your party flyer layout:

  • Clear and short party title

It goes without saying, but this needs reiteration. A clear party title gives your audience an idea of what to expect. However, avoid making it lengthy — the overall flyer design should speak of the specifics. Creating a short party title gives more room for your party flyer to stand out with visual effects, not wordy descriptions.

  • Catchy headline

Know the difference between a party title v.s. a headline. While it’s not crucial to have both, a catchy headline reveals a little sneak-peek of why the party is a must-attend.

  • The main image to tie it all together

Before putting together your party flyer design, invest the time in choosing the main image that best reflects your party. Action speaks louder than words, and the main image that speaks to your target audience seals the deal.

Utilize ready-to-use templates

It’s either inspiration might be elusive, or you are so full of creative ideas — it’s challenging to pin down just the right one for your party flyer. There’s a straightforward solution to both. Choose from pre-made templates on Venngage: Business, Product, and Event categorize flyers.


Here’s how:

1. Go on Venngage and select ‘Flyers‘ under the Category. Depending on what the party is for, choose from the three subcategories mentioned above (Business, Product, or Event).

2. Pick a template that represents your party the most. You might think it will be overwhelming, but Venngage’s premade templates are already designed to nudge you in the right direction, especially if you already have a concept in mind. You can hover over the template to either Create or Preview.

3. Once ready, click ‘Create‘, and the rest is as easy as ABC!

  • You can choose the main image from the Venngage’s gallery or upload your own.
  • Rearrange the layout by dragging sections to where you want them relocated.
  • Add icons, change the font, backgrounds – whatever you need to make your party flyer pop even more!
  • Use the ‘My Brand Kit‘ feature to incorporate your brand’s standards into your party flyer. Branding is everything, and consistency is key!

Premade flyer templates are revolutionary and such an efficient innovation for marketing and advertising. It’s easy to get on board with and navigate; a novice can breeze through the process!

Incorporating the right colors and typeface

Party flyers are meant to turn heads and, ultimately, get the crowd in. Combining the right colors and typeface plays a significant part in designing a catchy and effective party flyer.

Incorporating the right colors and typeface

Colors play a huge role in setting the vibe and atmosphere for your party. The right color combination can either attract or repel your audience, so choose and combine wisely. Consider the time of the party when considering a flyer. Will it be a day event or an evening soiree? Neon colors on dark backgrounds stand out for night events. For day parties, pastels or muted colors radiate a more laid-back and relaxed vibe — unless your day party is anything but! Metallics are an excellent alternative for a more subdued yet classic design for either.

Using the right typeface is just as crucial as choosing the main image. Unless you already have an on-brand guideline for the typography and font to use for designs, it helps to know which typefaces are better suited for flyer designs. Serif fonts are the go-to as it’s easier to read and cleaner visually. However, depending on the type of party you’re promoting and the mood you want your flyer to exude, there are other typefaces that you can explore as well.

Don’t forget to include a CTA!

Your party flyer is catchy, fabulous, and cannot be any more perfect! Whether it’s to invite them to purchase tickets, learn more about the party, or bring the flyer for a discount or freebie, make sure it’s straightforward and contains enough incentive for them to take action. Don’t forget to include a CTA (call-to-action) to direct your audience to the next step to complete your party flyer’s objective.

Here are more tips to strengthen your advertising efforts:

  • Last-minute promotions are no Bueno! Your party flyer should be ready for distribution no more than 6-8 weeks before the event.
  • Maximize your audience reach. Adapt and convert your party flyer’s design and layout into formats suitable for different marketing and advertising platforms.

And, you’re ready to design [and party]!


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