Womens Formal Wear Etiquette

Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Formal Wear Etiquette

Being a woman can be challenging in many ways, there are so many expectations and there remain many in-balances in the way the different sexes are treated. But, one thing that can be particularly difficult is deciding what to wear for formal occasions.  This is the opportunity to dress up, to create a good impression, and it is also an opportunity to get it all wrong and never live it down.

After all, for men it is easy, a suit looks great at almost any venue. Women have many more wardrobe choices. That is why you need to look at the invitation carefully before thinking about your attire.

Women Formal Wear

Opt For Separates

At galas and other red-carpet style events, you need to choose a formal dress. However, if you are attending a slightly less formal event, such as an office do, official business meeting, or other similar events, you can choose separates.

In this case, you should go with tailored pants and a comfortable, neutral top. Heels will dress any outfit up, allowing you to look great in almost any location.

Black Tie Events

If the invitation specifies a black-tie event then you have a huge clue regarding what you should be wearing. Black tie events demand a formal gown, evening gown, or ball dress. The better the quality of the dress the easier it will be to get the right look. You should note that you can hire ball dresses and other stunning items, making looking great more affordable.

Don’t forget, if you have a date consider what they are wearing. A dark suit suggests you can be a little more casual, but only a little. If he has chosen a tux you can go all–out to impress.

The Cut

It is more than just the dress you choose. You also need to consider the cut. You need to choose a dress that complements your body type, whether you are curvy, busty, or slim. The cocktail dress is always a good option as it can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

Remember that a conservative look is easier to ensure you fit into any occasion. But, when picking any attire you need to feel comfortable. This will ensure you feel confident and have a good time at the event. It is hard to do that if you spend the entire time feeling like mutton dressed as lamb.

Your Hair

Attending a formal event means looking your best. You will want to book an appointment at a local professional hairdresser and let them work your magic on your hair. It can be useful to know what styles you do and don’t like although you may want to embrace your hairdresser’s imagination.


Perhaps the key to getting formal wear right is to accessorize properly. You need to choose a quality bag, use your best make-up, and add your best jewelry. This is not an opportunity to push boundaries. Formal wear generally means getting out the family pearls, or your equivalent.

Take, your time choosing the right jewelry, it should be stylish, stunning, and minimalistic!


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