Eco Friendly Fashion Choices

Sustainable Style: How To Make Eco-Friendly Fashion Choices

Fashion is the way by which one expresses himself. We all love to follow trends when it comes to clothing and footwear. But everything you wear comes at a cost. The clothing choices that you make leave an impact on the environment. That’s why the focus of the fashion industry is shifting to sustainable clothing.

Sustainable style has gained popularity in recent years. By following trends that protect and support the environment, you can commit to saving the environment.

With that said, let’s guide you about some tips that you can use to promote sustainable and eco-friendly fashion choices in your life.

A] Promoting Eco-Friendly Fashion Choices

We all want to look our best. For that, we spend hundreds of bucks on shopping every year. Each one of us wants our wardrobes full of different kinds of clothes so that we don’t have to repeat any outfits.

While doing so, we all neglect the environmental impact of our choices. Cloth manufacturing involves a lot of resource usage and waste generation. Clothing industries create a lot of air and water pollution. There’s a lot of deforestation and transportation involved. So, basically, the textile industry is witnessing a lot of social and ethical concerns.

As a responsible citizen, it’s your duty to contribute to saving the environment. That’s why it’s very necessary to make sustainable fashion choices.

B] Tips To Adopt Sustainable Style

Now, we all know that opting to purchase sustainable clothing can be a little heavy on our budget. But there’s a catch to it. Usually, sustainable clothes comprise good quality and they are generally more durable. So, the little investment that you make in a sustainable style will surely last longer.

So, if you are ready to save the environment and switch to sustainable style, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you in making eco-friendly fashion choices.

1. Opt For Sustainable Materials

Today, you’ll find plenty of garments and clothing prepared with sustainable materials. For example, you can buy clothing made with organic cotton, hemp, or other recycled fibres.

Clothes prepared with recycled materials have a comparatively lesser impact on the environment. The emergence of sustainable materials has helped the textile industry become a greener industry.

2. Support Ethical And Transparent Brands

A lot of clothing brands are really conscious of the environment. These brands are on a mission to build a sustainable fashion ecosystem.

It’s time that you start supporting these brands by purchasing from them. Try to spread more and more awareness about ethical brands so that more and more people know about them.

3. Take Care Of Your Clothes

People need to buy clothes over and over again because they don’t know how to take care of clothes. Taking proper care of your clothes will help you extend your lifespan.

Every kind of clothing comes with washing and caring instructions on the label. If you follow these instructions and make good any small damages on the clothes, you can make them last for long. This way, you can minimise your overall environmental footprint.

4. Borrow Or Rent For Occasions

There’s no need to buy a new pair of clothes for every occasion. Instead, you can simply consider renting or borrowing. Renting or borrowing will allow you to save a few bucks and also reduce the demand for new clothes. It will help in creating a sustainable and circular fashion approach.

5. Avoid Impulsive Buying

We all face the temptation to make impulsive purchases, especially in today’s world of fast fashion. To make a shift to eco-friendly fashion, it’s important that you refrain from buying something that doesn’t align with your personal style and values. Try to avoid any unnecessary consumption and make more sustainable choices when it comes to fashion.

6. Recycle And Upcycle

Instead of discarding your old clothes, you can try exploring recycling options. There are many clothing brands that have a recycling program. Some brands even give you discounts on new clothes if you bring over your old clothes for recycling.

These textile industries help you transform old garments into new creations. Recycling and upcycling will allow you to reduce wastage and also add a unique touch to your wardrobe.

7. Spread Awareness

It’s your responsibility you spread awareness about the importance of switching to eco-friendly fashion choices. By spreading awareness about what is sustainable fashion and why it matters, you can contribute to a larger movement relating to conscious consumerism.

If you encourage other people to make conscious choices and support ethical brands, you’ll be able to leave a more positive impact on the environment.

8. Second Hand Shopping

Someone’s preloved clothes can be your current fashion favourites. Shopping from thrift stores and online platforms is a great idea to adopt a sustainable style. Thrift stores help in promoting a circular fashion economy. Also, you’ll be able to buy these clothes at a much lower price.

9. Adopt Minimalism And Donate More

Minimalism is becoming synonymous with fast fashion. You can support eco-friendly fashion practices by investing in minimalist and basic wear. Try to buy fewer clothes but the ones that are good in quality.

If you think there are excessive clothes in your wardrobe, declutter it regularly. Keep only those items that actually bring you joy. Mindful consumption will allow you to promote sustainable fashion.


Adopting a sustainable style will be beneficial for you and the environment. The fashion industry is full of dark sides. There’s a lot of environmental degradation and labour exploitation because of the fashion industry. Making informed choices and switching to eco-friendly practices will help you in sustaining the environment.

A lot of big brands have started following an ethical approach to fashion. You can make sustainable choices by purchasing clothing that is made of eco-friendly fabrics from these brands. If you love accessorizing your outfit, you’ll find a couple of sustainable accessories that will help you level up your look.

The tips discussed here will allow you to contribute to sustainability. Fashion is a powerful tool and you have choices that can contribute to shaping a better and greener future.


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