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9 Beauty Secrets Every Model Should Know

Models strutting their stuff during a fashion show is a wonderful sight to behold – gorgeous women emanating youthful vitality, dressed in the most fabulous clothing styles, sashaying down the runway, enjoying the music and the appreciative applause.

From your seat with the rest of the audience, you wouldn’t be able to tell what models deal with behind the scenes – things like jet lag and stressful travels to and from one event after another. Why? Because their skin remains radiant even without makeup.

To some degree, a model’s gorgeous skin can be attributed to genetics, but these women also have easy access to the advice and care of some of the world’s best beauty professionals. It’s all about subscribing to proven effective skin care secrets.

To become a highly sought-out model – or simply to achieve supermodel skin – it pays to apply these remarkable beauty habits to keep blemishes away and get that youthful glow.

1. Multi-tasking will help save your skin

When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and glowing, balance is the key. You cannot just strip oils from your skin without giving it back all the essential nutrients it needs. For instance, you can use a charcoal mask to clean out your pores, and then follow it up with a cucumber mask as this helps replenish the moisture that your skin is still craving.

2. Use tea tree oil to clear blemishes

When your skin breaks out, tea tree oil has the ability to get deep into your skin and clean your pores out. This is also antibacterial. World-renowned models claim that a tea tree oil toner works wonders.

3. Don’t forget to regularly moisturize your skin

As a model, wearing makeup is non-negotiable. This can cause your skin to thirst for healthy moisture.Even if your skin is oily, always make sure that your skin remains well-hydrated. After taking off their makeup at the end of every show or photo shoot, models know how vital it is to keep skin moisturized with the right moisturizer for their skin type.

4. Going natural is a good option

Going natural and makeup-free at home can undo some of the damage that all the different kinds of products and ingredients can do to your skin.For instance, you can make a mask using honey and avocado; this can help keep your skin bright and moisturized. You can also purchase and use natural and organic beauty products if you do not have time to create a restorative treatment yourself at home.

5. Use steam to open up your pores

After long days, weeks of or months spent walking down the runways, pro models make sure to let their skin rest and breathe during their downtime.Because a lot of gunk can get stuck in your pores after all the heavy makeup it receives (as expected in every fashion show), give yourself a deep clean with a facial steam.Get a bowl of hot water and add some mint tea in it. Then, place a towel over your head while putting your face over the bowl. You will feel every inch of your skin getting effectively cleared out after!

6. Firm up your skin with ice

Although some may say that icing your face is not a pleasant way to care for your skin, there are models and skin experts who swear by it. Icing your face at night will help blood to circulate better and faster. This will also tighten your skin.All you have to do is splash your face with icy water or wrap some ice in a cloth to de-puff quickly.

7. Don’t restrict oils to just your hair and face

Walking in heels for weeks straight is super tiring. This is also a sure way to arrive at Blister City.As such, treating your feet to some nourishing and healing ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter can ensure that your feet stay healthy and you are as comfortable as possible each time you walk down the runway (or anywhere at all).

8. Give yourself a relaxing facial massage

If you have puffy eyes from working long hours just like models do at fashion shows, you can apply eye cream or give yourself an under-eye massage using your fingers. Press on the orbital bone gently with your ring fingers, moving from the inner to the outer corner of your eyes. Repeat this at least three times.A facial massage will stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation and minimize fine lines. If you have more spare time, you can get more benefits from facial yoga.

9. Clean your skin from the inside

Finally, cleaning your skin from the inside means consuming foods and beverages that help purify your body internally. Drinking a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice when you wake up, for instance, can help flush out toxins and bacteria from your small intestine that may be causing your acne.Keeping your skin healthy may seem like a daunting task but it certainly does not have to be. Never forget to let your skin rest and give it the pampering it deserves after several days of wearing makeup and working the runway. Model or not, it pays to try these beauty secrets to achieve healthy, glowing skin now!


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