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5 Brilliant Tips to Minimize Your Wedding Budget

Mention of an extravagant wedding usually creates numerous visuals in our minds- the ancestral traditions, mouth-watering delicacies, colorful décor, huge family gathering and mesmerizing clothes and jewelry. But as the time is progressing, realistic wedding planning is becoming the need of the hour.

With an aim for a budget-friendly and more practically planned wedding, couples are coming up with a myriad of newer and innovative ideas to include on their big day. Many quirky rituals are sprouting and gaining fame among the lovebirds, who are more than open to a plethora of possibilities!

Some of these pocket-friendly ideas are elaborated below

1. Be picky with your guest list

An elaborate guest list, with a hoard of people who are not even familiar with you, sounds like a really bad pick for your wedding. Since weddings should be as intimate as possible, try to cut down your guest list by inviting your close ones only. Apart from trimming down your guest list, you can even go with the latest trend in the wedding market, i.e., e-invites. These invites usually contain a specially curated video, followed by a formal invitation that is sent to your guests via email. The concept of e-invite is not only pocket-friendly but also saves a lot of stationary, which in turn benefits our environment.

2. Opt for a minimalistic and natural décor

Wedding décor can be the most unique and subjective aspect of your wedding. You can opt for anything from flowers to fairy lights, balloons to paper flags, colorful themes to monochromatic; each theme has its own beauty and vibe. Opting for seasonal flowers or a regional specialty gives a punch to your wedding décor without burning a hole in your pocket. Flowers like marigold, roses, jasmine, etc., which are usually available at the local markets are sure to add a rustic touch to your décor. Instead of importing exquisite flower varieties from foreign markets, go local in your choice of decorations!

3. Focus more on the liquor than the food

While a majority of people often reduce their wedding expenditure by doing cost-cutting on their food menu, a sharper focus on the bar menu is really important. You can opt for a fixed bar menu of alcoholic drinks that should be based on moderately priced spirits. Since liquor attracts a somewhat greater tax than food; it should be brought more under the light while reducing the expenses. All the wine lovers out there can keep their love for wine ignited by opting for some local wine recommendations.

4. The timing of the wedding can do wonders for your budget

While there is no denying the fact that majority of people look for specific days for their wedding ceremonies; it often leads to chaotic conditions in the peak wedding seasons. Planning your wedding ahead and in the non-peak season is a really smart move in reducing your wedding expenses. Also, day weddings are comparatively cheaper than the night weddings due to the excessive consumption of light during the latter. Day weddings seem to be more vivid and livelier and hence should be the ideal choice. Brides can opt for white corsets or some soothing pastels to add an elegant vibe to their wedding.

5. Choose your wedding trousseau wisely

Everything from your wedding corset outfit to your cosmetics, footwear and even the tiniest of accessory has a huge impact on your wedding budget. While most brides prefer to spend oodles of money on their dream dress, it is best to keep in mind the utility of the wedding corsets, studded stilettos, glittering tiaras and embroidered veils.

Apart from these few tips, try to add a unique “you” factor to your wedding. Add some interesting dishes, local delicacies, regional wines or even opt for a traditional corset dress to add a sense of belonging in the preparation of your own wedding. Instead of hiring a high-end wedding coordinator; try to include your gang of favorite cousins and friends in the entire planning. You can add a personalized touch to your wedding by introducing some unique ideas, like, having a vegan or healthy vitamin enriched food stall seems like a great idea for a health freak couple. You can experiment with almost about anything here- food and drinks, corset dresses, ceremonies, gifts, venue, etc.

These are just a few key points that could help you to shrug off your budget problems and aid you in planning your wedding without worrying about the budget.


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