Meghan Markle Engagement Ring

Purchasing a Ring Just Like the Meghan Markle Engagement Ring

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring looked fabulous at the royal wedding. What can you do to get a ring just like hers? If you follow this guide, you can find a Meghan Markle engagement ring that looks just as good as the one she got at the royal wedding. However, first, you have to understand that unless you have a budget equal to royalty, you may have to cut corners in a few areas, but you can still find an awesome ring that will put the sparkle in her heart just like a freshly cut diamond.

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring Impossible to Duplicate

Unless you have personal access to Princess Di’s jewelry box, duplicating the same ring could be next to impossible. You can, however, buy a wedding ring that looks quite similar to the Meghan Markle engagement ring, and you don’t need a royal budget to make it happen either.

Visit Etsy

One of the excellent Meghan Markle ring choices, this ring begins at around $2,236. It has been correctly called, “Meghan Ring.” It is the perfect choice for the admirers who want the same ring at less than one-fourth of the $350,000 that the real ring was worth. Instead, you could buy this ring for $2,236. You buy this from the Etsy boutique, and it’s true that this may not be exactly like Meghan’s ring, but it’s a great version, nevertheless.

Rose Gold Number by Anna Sheffield

Is rose gold more your style?

For a slightly higher price, you can buy the Bea Three Stone Ring, which a New York bridal retailer that helped in designing this ring. This is non-traditional fine jewelry at its finest, and Anna Sheffield helps to put an interesting spin on it. You have a fun and unique twist to the Markle gems. It’s not a perfect look alike, but it’s still pretty fashionable. This ring costs $3,400.

Taylor & Hart’s the “Felicity”

The actual stones from this ring look a little smaller and narrower than what they were with Ms. Markle’s Ring, but they’re arguably just as stunning as the other ones. You have a three-stone setting on this ring, and it is flanked with seven smaller stones on each side. You can buy this ring for around $2,547, and it looks absolutely smashing.

Pink Sapphire Dream

Are you and your fiance on a less-than-royal budget, but you’re looking to add some personality to your engagement ring? As a pink sapphire ring with morganite, this is the dream-perfect ring. You have pink sapphire dazzling outward from the center, and the art deco with the surrounding morganite stones look perfect. You have a completely regal vibe without the regal price tag. This ring has somewhat of a vintage flair, but it costs under $1,000 at just $824. This ring has become a classic and for good reason. You can choose to buy it in rose, yellow or white gold, depending on your personal preference.

The Forever One

Forever One is another excellent choice that has been set with rose gold. The ring features three spectacular Moissanite stones. They look so shiny. It still keeps the Meghan Markle style, and you’d have a hard time hating it if someone popped “the question.” These are some awesome rings. It will cost you $2,617, but it’s the perfect diamond ring.

Why Not Try an Ever Us Diamond Ring?

An Ever Us diamond ring, this ring is the union of two different diamonds, and it represents one of the best possible friendships founded in true love. Do you have a best friend who is also your true love? If so, it doesn’t get more romantic than this. Every ring will have this crossover signature design that has two expert-crafted diamonds that have met in the center. It perfectly illustrates the close and loving bond shared between two loving people. You can choose to get this iconic design in either white gold or emphasize its brilliance with rose gold.

These are all excellent choices to represent your love between two people.

While it’d be great to replicate the same ring that Meghan Markle had, one of the most important things to remember is the love shared between you and your significant other.

What do you think? Will you take the plunge to try to replicate the famous Meghan Markle Engagement Ring?


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