Motorcycle Marriage Proposal

Motorcycle Marriage Proposal Dos and Don’ts

Many people own and ride motorcycles, and if you do, you might feel like it’s a significant part of your life. Motorcycle riders often feel passionate about their vehicles. Some feel like it’s a hobby, but many more think it’s more of a lifestyle.

If you ride, you might believe that you’re an outlaw at heart, even if you only take your motorcycle to and from work every day. It’s because of the long counterculture biker tradition. You might have purchased a motorcycle because you wanted to be a part of that.

Now, you might feel like the time is coming that you want to propose to your chosen companion and spend the rest of your life with them. But it is possible to incorporate your motorcycle into your marriage proposal?

The Gimmick Marriage Proposal

You might hear the terms “gimmick marriage proposal” or “theme marriage proposal” sometimes. People use those terms when they talk about creative or extravagant marriage proposals.

For instance, you might have a person propose to their intended on the big screen while at a sporting event. Say you have two New York Yankee fans. One might think the other is very romantic if they drop to one knee while on the Jumbotron so all of Yankee Stadium can watch them while they have their moment together.

If you’re an avid biker, or if both of you are, you can tie your marriage proposal into this lifestyle. You have to be careful when you do it, though. 75% of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death, and you don’t want your happy moment to turn into a tragedy.

How to Propose While on a Motorcycle Trip

If you want to combine a marriage proposal with a motorcycle ride, there are some ways you can do it safely if you get a little creative. The easiest way is to have the ring while you two go for a ride. Maybe you each have your own motorcycle, or perhaps your intended can ride behind you on yours.

You can go on a ride to the most romantic place you know. Maybe you two have a special, scenic overlook where you like to come and watch the sunset. Perhaps you go to the place where you had your first date or first kiss.

Once you get there, you can park the motorcycle, remove your helmet, drop to one knee, and produce the ring. Maybe you have a few heartfelt words picked out, or perhaps you don’t need to say anything at all. You’ll rehearse the moment in your head, but when it comes, it’s probably best to follow your instincts.

Is It Possible to Propose While Actually on a Motorcycle?

You might also wonder if it’s possible to propose to someone while you two are actually riding. It might be doable, but it won’t be easy.

Probably the only likely scenario is if your intended is riding behind you. Maybe you have the ring in a jacket pocket, and you can somehow indicate to the other person that they should reach in there.

They can find the ring while you’re still on the vehicle, and presumably, they’ll know what it means. That plan seems dangerous, though. In their surprise, they could drop the ring or loosen their grip and fall off.

Realistically, riding somewhere and then proposing makes more sense than proposing while you two are still actually riding. There’s no reason you can’t combine the two things, but it’s best that you wait till you get to your destination before you pop the question.

Before you put this plan into action, you should also consider whether this is the right way to go about it. Some people don’t care so much about how you propose, while others want the moment to be perfect and memorable.

If you two both love motorcycles and riding, it makes perfect sense that you should ride somewhere and then produce the ring. If your intended doesn’t even like motorcycles, they probably won’t find the moment quite as romantic as you do.

Consider what you know about your loved ones and what they like best. That should indicate to you how and when to propose and whether to incorporate something like a motorcycle.

Some people would love dinner at a high-end restaurant when you pop the question, while others would prefer a romantic overlook after an energizing motorcycle ride. You’ll have to decide which way seems better to you.


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