Catch the Sunrise Together

Honeymoon Swoon: 8 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon More Romantic

Going on a honeymoon is an important trip for newlyweds. It’s the time couples get to shed the stress of their big day surrounded by family and friends, and in its place, share time with each other on a more intimate and spiritual level.

But like planning a wedding, planning a honeymoon takes work, too. There’s the accommodations, the excursions, and even book the flights–all of which are expected to be romantic. But how exactly do you top the wedding? Take a look at these eight ways to make your honeymoon more romantic.

1. Reserve a Honeymoon Suite

Make Your Honeymoon More RomanticThis one is self-explanatory but is without a doubt worth adding to the list. Honeymoon suites are designed with a much more romantic flair, sometimes accompanied by private pools and spacious balconies that offer an amazing view. And when the hotel staff knows it’s your honeymoon, they will go out of their way to make it a more memorable stay. More often than not, honeymoon suites are also positioned much further away from other rooms for a newlywed couple’s ultimate privacy. Make sure to pack the honeymoon lingerie and slip into bridal panties and a bridal bra to take your partner’s breath away.

Even if you don’t go with a honeymoon suite, you can still add extra touches to the room. At a minimum, call the accommodation and let them know you’re celebrating the special event. Hotels can offer many extra touches to the room, such as rose petals scattered across the bed, a bouquet of flowers in the room, and a bottle of chilled champagne waiting when you arrive.

2. Make Dinner Reservations

Make Dinner ReservationsFind a nice upscale restaurant where you can have one of your first dinners as newlyweds. Check reviews on Tripadvisor or Yelp and be sure to make early reservations if it’s a hot spot.

When you make reservations, do so over the phone and inquire about any special arrangements that can be made for recently married couples. Some restaurants can set aside a table in a more coveted, intimate area where you can take in panoramic views or near a crackling fireplace. And some restaurants will have the chef prepare a special meal. Beachside restaurants are known for their private cabanas, too.

At the table, be sure to order a bottle of champagne or wine. Indulge in the delicious food, ordering soup to nuts, so to speak, and don’t feel rushed. Eating can be a sensual experience and foods are like aphrodisiacs. Take your time and enjoy one another’s company.

3. Arrange a Private Excursion

Many destinations offer tons of excursions to choose from to suit any newly married couple’s interests–from white-knuckled adventures to the more laid-back guided tour. However, for a more romantic excursion, ask the tour operator if a private tour guide can be hired, or even if a self-guided tour is possible.

In wine countries, you can book a private picnic, complete with champagne or a bottle of wine to toast, paired with an antipasto spread with artisanal cheeses. Instead of a crowded sunset cruise, ask the charter company if they have private sails for just the two of you.

4. Lounge Around All Day

With all the stress of wedding planning and the tendency to over-plan honeymoon activities, it’s perfectly okay for couples to take a beat instead. Spend the first day lounging about your accommodations and enjoying each other’s embrace.

Order breakfast room service and stay in bed, sipping on mimosas or bloody mary’s or whatever suits your fancy. Enjoy reminiscing about the wedding and look at photos if they’ve been made available. SImply be with one another.

5. Book a Cabana or Couple’s Massage Treatment

Even if you get bored and a bit cabin feverish in the room, you can still enjoy your accommodation’s amenities. Head toward the pool and book a private cabana, or enjoy the onsite spa for a few hours.

One way you can enjoy the onsite spa is to book a couple’s massage. This is an especially nice treat if the wedding was a bit stressful and you need to relax. With a couple’s massage, you and your partner can relax together under a cabana to take in the fresh air and gentle breezes or even in your personal honeymoon suite.

6. Plan Surprise Honeymoon Gifts

For your honeymoon, plan to give each other special gifts. It can be anything from an old photo of when you first met to booking your partner their favorite excursion or activity. It can even be a couple’s spa treatment in your own honeymoon suite.

Whatever kind of gift you bestow to your partner, make it one that they will cherish for a long time. One fantastic, mutual gift idea is to simply purchase a camera to capture all the honeymoon memories.

7. Create a Romantic Honeymoon Playlist

Create a romantic playlist of songs for your honeymoon. This one is fairly easy, especially since you already have a first dance song and an aisle song. However, the trick here is to create a honeymoon playlist with a range from sweet and sentimental to downright sexy and sensual.

The great thing about creating a playlist is that you can listen to it practically anywhere. Plug it into a portable speaker and listen as you catch the sunrise, or just listen to it in your private cabana by the pool. It’s a fantastic way to make your honeymoon more romantic and you can keep the playlist forever.

8. Catch the Sunrise Together

Catch the Sunrise TogetherAt least once on your honeymoon, try to catch the sunrise–even if you’re not a morning person. A sunrise gives couples a renewed sense of hope and can be especially romantic. Find the perfect location, take a walk together hand in hand or unroll a blanket and kiss. Then, you can grab breakfast out or head back to the honeymoon suite to order room service and catch a few more hours of sleep. Remember: Sunsets are easy to catch, but sunrises are much more memorable.


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