Wedding Accessory Photo

8 Unique Wedding Accessory Photo Ideas to Capture on Your Big Day

When we think of wedding photos, the classics come to mind. The entrance, the first look, the groom waiting at the altar. You know the ones we’re talking about. However, another whole genre of classics in their own right exists: the wedding accessory photos.

How Much Time to Set Aside for Wedding Photos

While there’s no perfect one-size-fits-all answer for this, an hour tends to be a good starting point for most people. If you have specific photos that you want or know you want an even more in-depth photo shoot, add 30 to 60 minutes onto this. If you have a specific vision for your wedding photos or aren’t sure how much time you’ll need, consult your wedding photographer and get a professional’s opinion ahead of time.



There’s no wedding accessory photo more classic than the ring photo. Put your single stone engagement ring on a cool backdrop and have at it. If your wedding has a certain theme to it, your photographer can have a lot of fun creating a backdrop that stays on theme and in line with the other photos taken later.

Whether you want to wear the rings in the photos, stage them on their own or both, the ring is a must-have in your wedding accessory shots. Seriously — like if you only take one wedding accessory photo, the ring should be the one you choose.


Another classic! Whether it’s heels, dress shoes or both put next to each other, the shoes are always a part of an accessory shoot. For brides, staging the shoes next to flowers or other accessories to be worn is a favorite among photographers and their models alike.

For grooms, the classic dress shoe photo is integral. If you and your groomsmen are doing matching or fun socks, make sure to hike up the pant legs and capture those photos.

Shots of your shoes open up so much room for possibilities. Walking down the aisle, waiting outside the venue, etc. Your photographer is going to have plenty of options to work with from multiple different angles, with accessory shots focused on your shoes.

Groom’s Accessories

You’ve probably seen this one, but it’s easy to put your own spin on it. This photo tends to consist of some variation on the theme of belt, shoes and watch. Maybe cufflinks are in there, or maybe you’re wearing a necklace or bracelet.

Whatever accessories you choose, your photographer can lay them out in an aesthetically pleasing way and capture your unique take on this choice.


Bride’s Accessories

The same concept as the groom’s accessory photos but with the bride’s shoes, jewelry, etc. With a wider range of accessories usually available, it’s even easier to take a bride’s accessories photo and make it your own.

Getting Ready

This isn’t technically a wedding accessory, but it’s a great way to get shots of all the wedding accessories to be worn. Classic shots like the groom putting on his tie or a bride in her robe getting her hair and makeup done are always winners in this category.

Getting ready photos have some of the greatest range and offer a window into your personality and the emotions you’re feeling as it all starts to really become real.

Exchanging of Rings

The best time to capture both your emotions and your his and hers wedding ring sets is as you exchange rings. While you can do the classic hand-on-hand ring photo, this is another great choice.

If you’ve got two photographers, one can take the picture of the two of you while the other captures the exchange itself. If you only have one photographer, though, opt for the hand-on-hand ring photo and capture your emotions in the moment instead.


No, it doesn’t have to be like those cheesy photobooths (though it can if you so desire). A tasteful wooden sign adorned with whatever you’d like it to say can add flexibility to any of your photos. If nothing else, it can solve the “What do I even do with my hands?” conundrum.

Flowers of All Sorts

Any flower works for this, but a bride’s bouquet does particularly well. Extra points if you do a fun bokeh shot. Get it? Bokeh bouquet? Whatever — it’s cool either way. Any shots of bouquets, corsages or floral arrangements come out well and add depth to the overall wedding photography shoot.

When in Doubt, Ask Your Photographer

If you have the luxury of spending extended time with your photographer beforehand, your unique personality (and how you work together as a couple) will shine through. If you have your own ideas of accessory shots you want to do, awesome! If not, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations for making unique and exciting accessory photos a part of your wedding day.

Wedding accessory photos, coupled with photos of everyone there, help tell the full story of the wedding. They shed light on the little details of the ceremony and reception that would otherwise be lost to time. The right accessory photos help complete the photographic journey that is your wedding.


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