Overlook Beauty Preparations

10 Unique Ideas For The Perfect Winter Wedding!

Winter weddings are fun and romantic; take my word for it because I also got married in the month of January. But, having said that, the fact cannot be denied that there are some inevitable issues that are connected with the weddings that take place during this season. If you are getting married in the winter season; you don’t need to worry, all such issues can be handled with some planning that needs to be done beforehand. So, here are some helpful ideas that can prove helpful in having a dream wedding –

Having Winter Accessories

It will be quite chilly, so ensure that you have all the accessories that will come handy in keeping you warm and cozy. The things that you should ensure you have are – a chic cardie or a cape, a faux fur stole, and a veil. Make sure that you have opted for long sleeve wedding dress.

Velvet All The Way

It’s your big day and I am sure you want to look nothing less than the best. So, you can choose to have velvet blazer and it will be great if the same goes for the groomsmen as well. It is a thick fabric that will keep you safe from the cold and at the same time, it will add style statement as well.

Don’t Overlook Beauty Preparations 

Winter season can leave your skin dry and lips can end up looking chapped. So, make sure that keep your lips moisturized. Using a good face moisturizer and having a chapstick will come handy.

Under Your Dress/Gown

If you are getting married, you have to make a couple of dress arrangements as well. Make sure you wear thick tights under the wedding dress, ensure that it is long enough so that you have maximum protection against cold. The bridesmaids should also follow the same.

Choose The Best Footwear

Normal wedding footwear won’t provide you protection during that time of the year. So, go for the stylish boots, it will keep your feet warm and if, unfortunately, it rains then also you have protection.

Play With Glitter

Using glitter will surely add on to the whole celebration and make your wedding more special. During the winter season, you can easily find sequin or glitter dresses and above all, it will look great in the pictures.

Traveling Time
traveling-timeJust remember one thing – Bad weather means bad traffic. So, make sure you leave early for your wedding venue no matter how near or how far the venue is. This will ensure that you reach the venue before time and you get to make necessary arrangements.

Wedding Venue

If possible, the venue for the wedding ceremony and the reception is the same. If, due to some circumstances, it is not possible then make sure you have the other venue at close proximity. In the case of a bad weather, this will help your visitors and family members to move to the new venue without wasting any time.

Stay Aware Of The Timings

You might be aware of the fact that during the winters, it gets dark much earlier. So keeping this in mind, make sure you have adjusted your photo schedule in order to have apt light. Taking portraits prior to the wedding ceremony will be a right solution to tackle this situation. If you are not sure how this will be done, it is always better to have a word with your photographer. He will surely suggest you how to go about this.

Add Romance With Candles

Like we discussed earlier, it gets dark much earlier. You can embrace your wedding and reception venues with romantic candlelight. In addition, it will also make the whole ambience picturesque.

So, are you planning a winter wedding? If you are then the above-discussed ideas will surely help you in having a perfect winter wedding.


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