Pic-ception wedding party photoshoot

15 Creative (and Fun) Wedding Party Photo Ideas

The wedding day is an astounding blur of happy minutes once in a lifetime. Great wedding photos help you memorize all of the sweet and silly moments that make it so extraordinary on your wedding day! While, of course, you’ll want to get all of those perfect shots of family, relatives, and friends, it’s also essential to take some time to get wedding pictures that capture your personality.

Here are 15 creative (and fun) wedding party photo ideas to help inspire your wedding day shot list.

Creative & Fun Wedding Party Photo Ideas

1. Sentimental Close-up

Sentimental Close-up Wedding Party Photo

What makes a wedding truly special, aside from the love, of course, is all of the little details that you build into the day to make it match your own unique personality. If you’ve added sentimental touches to your look (like adding a locket with a photo of a loved one who passed to your bouquet or wearing a piece of jewelry from a beloved family member), make sure to capture them in a photo so you can remember them forever.

2. Gifts for the ’Gram

Personalized Gifts Wedding Party Photo

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen put in a lot of hard work to make your wedding day dreams a reality. The gifts that you give them to show your appreciation can also make great photo-worthy moments, for your wedding album and their social media feeds. From creative wedding socks for the groomsmen and bridesmaids to personalized wine tumblers or robes, special gifts that photograph well are thoughtful in many ways.

3. Funny First Look

Funny Wedding Party Photo

The “first look,” where the bride and groom see each other for the first time after getting ready in the morning, has become somewhat of a wedding album staple. Put a spin on the classic by having the bride or groom wear something unexpected to surprise their future spouse. With the groom in a wedding dress or the bride in a silly costume (you’ve seen that video of the bride dressed as a dinosaur, right?!), get ready for some hilarity to ensue!

4. Shoe Show Off

Shoe Show Off Wedding Party Photo

If you’ve added a pop of color to your wedding with a pair of fun shoes, this is a great way to capture the memory of a creative idea! Whether your shoes are your “something blue” or you’ve added a special message to your soles, work with your photographer to get a photo from the waist down that really shows off this special detail of your day.

5. Flower Faces

Flower Face bouquets Wedding Party Photo

Unlike your wedding photos, your bridal and bridal party bouquets unfortunately won’t last forever. A creative way to remember the beautiful arrangements is to take a photo of them. A super inventive way to remember them is to have the bridal party raise their bouquets in front of their faces so that just their eyes are visible from behind them. It’s moody and romantic and lovely.

6. The Sock Shot

Sock Shot Wedding Party Photo

Socks are always a great way to add a bit of personality to any wardrobe and fun groomsmen socks deserve to get some photographic recognition before the wedding day is over! If your groomsmen are wearing some colorful creations on their feet, have them lift the ankles of their pants up slightly to reveal the colorful surprise they’re sneakily wearing underneath.

7. The Swap

Swap Wedding Party Photo

It’s fun to play around with gender roles! Have the groomsmen hold the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the ’maids strike their most dude-like pose for a photo that will certainly be a conversation starter for years to come.

8. The Overhead Photo

harry and meghan from above Overhead Wedding Photo

If your photographer is using the help of a drone to capture your special day, an overhead photo is unexpected and, honestly, really cool. An overhead angle isn’t typically captured, and it’ll be able to fit a lot of scenery into the shot.

9. Running Free

Running Wedding Photo

After you’ve gotten all of the classic bridal party pictures, where you stand in a line and smile, have everyone run toward the photographer. It’s high energy and will capture the movement of everyone’s dresses.

10. The Stairwell Shot

Stairwell Wedding Photoshoot

If you’re getting ready in a home or venue with a large stairwell, it can serve as a beautiful backdrop for a great wedding party photo. It adds some height and visual dimension (and can also help balance out a bridal party with very drastic height differences!).

11. The ‘Ring’ Photo

photography wedding rings photoshoot

Odds are, you’ve seen this one in more than a few of your friends’ wedding albums, and that’s because it’s just so fun! While women are normally the ones who make the most fuss about “the ring,” this photo concept swaps roles and has the groomsmen create a scene over the groom’s wedding band.

12. ‘Cheers!’

champagne wedding party photoshoot

A wedding is a celebration, and your photos should certainly capture that. Have everyone in the wedding party grab a glass of champagne, a bottle of beer or some sparkling cider and get a photo of everyone clinking drinks together.

13. Colorful Confetti

Confetti wedding party photoshoot

Still wedding photos are great to have, but there’s something so exciting about a photo that captures the energy of the day. For a pop of colorful fun, snap a photo of the wedding party using party poppers or throwing homemade confetti while you kiss!

14. Pic-ception

Pic-ception wedding party photoshoot

Many of your family members and friends will likely be capturing pictures of their own from the wedding day. Candids that capture these moments (either a photo of the subjects or a picture on the phone screen) will help you remember how much fun your loved ones were having on your special day.

15. A Pet Pic

Pet wedding party photo

Our pets are huge parts of our lives, so much so that pet owners often give them special roles in the wedding. If your pet plays a part in your wedding and is there for your special day, don’t forget to include them in your pictures. Crouch down to pose with your best furry friend or pick them up to get some cute kisses.

Making Memories

Weddings are magical and romantic, and also a great opportunity for so many creative (and fun) photo ops! When choosing the different types of shots you’d like to get for your wedding, think of what truly reflects your own unique style. After all, it’s the moments that feel the most “you” that will make photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


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