South African Wedding Venues

3 Amazing South African Wedding Venues for Outdoors

South African Wedding VenuesWeddings are no longer restricted to the white gown, pastel bridesmaid’s dresses, tuxes, and church chapels. Now, about anything goes. Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular, especially for those who want to go green, making less impact on the environment. Now, the wide outdoors is the wedding chapel. The wonderful scenery of certain outdoor sites is very appealing to couples. Outdoor South Africa is one of those amazing wedding venues that have become quite popular. Not only does it cut costs to have an outdoor wedding, it is more enjoyable, and makes for a more sustainable environment.

These outdoor weddings can be casual or formal, as the couple desires. Accessories set the stage for the theme. Using formal accessories such as silver ice buckets, damask tablecloths and napkins, and silver candelabra, with crystal globes to protect from any wind, makes everything appear very formal. Paper tablecloths and napkins, with less formal designs, make the atmosphere more as an outdoor picnic, less formal and more comfortable.

  1. Lodges and Reserves

Lodges and reserves make great locations for outdoor weddings. They normally have excellent views and even wild animals to lend an ambiance. Many advertise their wedding packages, which mean planning will be a bit easier. Others don’t advertise weddings, per se, but do offer areas for outdoor events. It is not a far stretch to imagine using these services to plan an informal wedding.

These wide open spaces mean less expense for a large wedding party. There are no space restrictions, as guests can spread out into the whole area if desired. If seating is desired, be sure to plan for enough seats. Even if guests are not to be seated, you should at least plan seating for some, such as those who are older or have a special need to be seated. Some popular lodges and reserves for weddings include:

  • Sea Otters Lodge – five star rating, beautiful surroundings, bed and breakfast, and guest house
  • Gowrie Farm Golf Lodge – glassed in veranda for the ceremony, view of lake and golf course
  • Ascot Bush Lodge – highly accessible, authentic rustic quality, rooms nestled in the bush for authentic atmosphere
  1. Gardens and Special Caterers

Garden weddings are popular in the area of South Africa. The beauty and colourful environment makes it unnecessary for flowers and lots of decorative items. Let nature be the decorator. The open spaces mean large parties can be accommodated. Seating can be provided, either for all guests or only those who require it. Wedding packages include setup and cleanup, so all you have to do is have the wedding. Some of the most popular gardens for weddings are:

  • Rapid Dawn – five star rating, beautiful of the Vaal River, outdoor accommodations such as seating and portable toilets provided
  • Thatch Haven – one of the most beautiful gardens in South Africa, several beautiful gardens for photos, bridal suite onsite
  • Montpelier de Tulbagh – five star rating, different options for indoor or outdoor, extensive beautiful gardens for very large parties
  1. Farms, Guest Houses, and Beds and Breakfasts

Farms, guest houses, and bed and breakfasts make excellent choices for weddings that are planned for overnight stays. Most have wedding package plans, and can vary by the number of members in the party. They offer both self-catered and fully catered options, depending on the degree of control you want over the event. Some popular options include:

  • Lake Grappa Guest Farm – idyllic setting overlooking the beautiful Lake Grappa, offers self-catered chalets or fully catered rooms in their bed and breakfast
  • The Sir David Boutique Guest House – five star rating, offers fully catered services, bar services provided, available April through October for outdoor weddings

These are only some of the most popular offerings. There are many others to choose from for a South African outdoor wedding.

Author’s Bio: Kathrine Saycon has researched some of the amazing South African Wedding Venues and made them available for the couple to review when choosing their outdoor wedding venue. Only highly rated or proven venues are included so the couple can choose with confidence.


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