Wedding Planning Tips

5 Essential Planning Tips For A Dream Day Wedding!

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and hectic. Figuring out where to even begin can be difficult for couples. A great option for those looking to save some money for their big day is to have a day wedding. A daytime wedding still requires the same amount of planning and essentials as the typical evening wedding. Keep up easily with wedding to-dos by remembering these

5 Essential Wedding Planning Tips


Wedding planning is all about timing. The average couple is engaged for about 13 months. This gives you a month to live in “ just engaged” bliss before you need to start getting into the chaos of wedding planning. Starting to plan your wedding a year in advance is generally enough time to book major parts of your wedding such as a venue and a florist. Another part of staying prepared is booking a wedding planner early on as well. Often event firms will have in-house floral services or relationships with vendors that can bring you discounts. So, it is best to meet with a wedding planner before making any deposits on any vendors.


Another essential for wedding planning is to create a realistic budget. According to The Knot, the average wedding costs about $30,000, which can be quite an investment for some couples. Everyone has a different budget for their wedding. First and foremost, you want to establish an overall cost for your wedding. Figure out together what you are willing to spend overall for this wedding so that you and your fiance are on the same page about spending. This also means creating a priority list when it comes to spending. For example, if the two of you want to prioritize food, then you might need to make some sacrifices to your flower budget. There are many online wedding budget calculators and budgeting worksheets that can help you stick to your budget.


While this day is definitely to celebrate you and your partner, it is also a day for your guests to have fun and enjoy. Since you will be having a day wedding, you want to consider all the different entertainment options you can provide other than a dancefloor. A daytime wedding means more options for outdoor entertainment such as an ice cream truck or even a bouncy castle.


A big part of a wedding that many people tend to overlook is the food. A daytime wedding tends to be a little more forgivable with food. Catering for a daytime wedding can be cheaper than an evening wedding where you would need to serve dinner. Lunch can be a much more casual affair such as a barbeque or even hiring a popular food truck to cater. You can be a little more creative with food service for a daytime wedding such as setting up picnic baskets for each table if you are having a wedding outdoors. Remember, you need to also take into account if you will need to feed vendors as well. A daytime wedding can also be cheaper if you choose to eliminate a bar.


A daytime wedding can make styling for your wedding much easier as well. For a daytime wedding, a more casual dress code can help you adjust your spending for your attire. A more casual wedding dress can mean a more affordable dress so you have the flexibility to spend on accessorizing. Custom jewelry can help elevate more casual wedding attire and you can have pieces you can cherish and wear after your wedding day. Custom jewelry does not have to mean spending a lot either. You can find affordable diamonds online to have put into a custom setting. This would be a much more budget-friendly technique to get customized jewelry for your big day.

Wedding planning can be fun and exciting as long as you stay on task and stay organized. Remember, these five essential tips when you are planning your big day. A daytime wedding can be a great option for those that are looking for a more relaxed affair and want to stick to a strict budget.


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