Unforgettable Wedding

5 Fun Ideas for An Unforgettable Wedding

You might have started dreaming of your wedding day from a very young age, or at least from the moment you got engaged. The reception and the wedding itself are what you and other guests are looking forward to.

However, weddings could also get quite boring for the guests, and you definitely don’t want that! Not sure how to give some unique and fun touches to your big day so everyone enjoys it to the maximum?

These fun wedding ideas will help your guests remember your wedding for years to come.

1. Think Of Some Favors

The wedding favors might not get much attention other than some beautiful packaging, but it’s time to change the boring contents. At your wedding, you can showcase colorful candies for everyone’s enjoyment. It can be found some online candy shop and choose your favors are well-stuffed. Other options include tiny jars of natural honey with adorable droppers, doughnuts, cake mixes, coffee beans, or cupcakes.

If you don’t want to give out something edible, you can go the fun route and make unique party masks for each guest. This will give a vintage touch to your event and also give everyone a memorable souvenir.

2. Get Beautiful Dresses For The Bridesmaids

A tight tux or a wedding dress that’s molded to your figure may look great, but they’re not suited for a social night lasting for hours. Once the ceremony is over and done with, you should think about changing into more comfortable attire so you can truly enjoy your special day.

While you’re choosing the perfect comfy dress for your fun wedding, don’t forget your bridesmaids! You can get comfortable yet elegant dresses for them to wear to the reception and have fun afterward. You can find some collections Internet.

3. Arrange Thoughtful Seating

You might spend a lot of time deciding upon the seating plans for your wedding reception. A good wedding planner would know who should sit next to whom. However, you should also give some thought to the seating options your guests will best enjoy.

For instance, it might be tempting to seat your single friend next to an eligible bachelor, but does this spell a comfortable experience for them? If they don’t know each other very well, this attempt to set them up might be awkward and frustrating for both.

Hence, it’s best to seat lifelong friends together. If your friends have kids, arrange a kids’ table besides their chairs so mothers can peacefully enjoy the event. The more effort you put into making your guests happy, the more they’ll do to make your party a success!

4. Keep It Short

You should keep your event as short as possible. Don’t draw out the toasts or show an hour-long video of how you two met. It might be your big day, but tiring everyone out isn’t the way to celebrate properly. Instead, you can have an after-party for your close circle. This way, those who want to let their hair down or go home can do as they please.

5. Make Food Customizable

Everyone looks forward to the food at any wedding, so why not take it up a notch? Get a live food station that can customize one or two food items according to everyone’s preferences. A few of these items include grilled cheese sandwiches, omelets, mac-and-cheese, or sushi. Alternatively, have a dessert bar where guests can create a sundae with any topping or flavors they want!

You can choose between letting the guests make their own dish and hiring a professional to make it for them. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have friends raving about your wedding food during and after the reception.


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