Foundation Fresh

5 Handy Ways to Keep Your Foundation Fresh All Day

No matter how much we spend time perfecting that flawless base, it does not guarantee a fresh look for the next 24-hour grind. Especially with summer days, makeup may break down and slip off your face due to the humid weather.

Some daily habits you are unaware of, like the frequent face touches, also cause your foundation base to crease or fade away. These day-to-day blunders are recipes for disaster, causing your foundation to slide down your face.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Foundation Last All Day

With tight schedules, you may not have the luxury to touch up your foundation base. Hence, as the day progresses, you may look grimmer and grimmer. You don’t want that!  Want to look polished all day? Here are five handy ways to keep your foundation fresh all day.

1. Maintain a good skincare routine

The key to having a perfect-looking foundation base is to ensure that your skin underneath is as good-looking. Thus, maintaining a suitable skincare routine is as important as finding the best foundation formula.

Start with a clean canvas. Before you apply foundation, make sure you cleanse your face. Cleansing prevents clogged pores and accumulated dirt that contribute to the skin’s dullness. Moreover, the foundation will not cling to dirty skin. Since your skin has already absorbed natural oils, makeup may not be able to stick to it.

Exfoliation also helps remove dead skin cells that contribute to uneven and flaky foundation application.

2. Moisturize and use primer

Just like how a wet sponge absorbs water better, a hydrated skin absorbs cosmetic products better. Thus, never forgo moisturizer in your makeup regimen.

Moreover, whether you have oily or dry skin,  a moisturizer balances the skin’s oil content. By skipping this crucial step, your skin is more likely to produce its own moisturizer by secreting more oil, which leads to easy slipping of foundation.

The simple integration of a primer into your makeup routine contributes a lot to the wear-time of your foundation. The primer’s silicone or water-based formula smoothens the skin and blurs out imperfections. It also hydrates your skin to increase the foundation’s staying power!

3. Apply cream or liquid foundations properly

Putting on a foundation is the most crucial step in achieving that long-lasting picturesque look. However, a careless application often leads to a patchy foundation base.

How to nail that flawless skin-like base?

Start with a small amount of foundation and build up to achieve the right amount of coverage. Since redness and blemishes tend to be more problematic in the center of your face, dab a small amount of product to your forehead, cheeks, and chin.

Then, smooth over pores with a wet sponge or foundation brush in soft, circular strokes for a flawless matte finish. Remember to blend outward for a more natural skin-looking base.

4. Dust or layer with powder

A lot of people associate powder-based products with cakey and crumbly makeup looks. However, contrary to popular belief, this makeup myth is a hack that can help your foundation last all day.

Seal your cream and liquid foundations with a translucent setting powder. Dusting powder over your foundation base helps ensure the product locks in without sacrificing its shine.

Using a large fluffy brush that you’ve dipped into the powder, lightly sweep the brush across your face. On areas where you tend to get extra-oily like your T-zone, jaw, and cheeks, use a heavier hand if needed.

5. Finish off with a setting spray

Finishing off your makeup routine with a setting spray may seem unnecessary. The act of setting your face is often overlooked and undervalued by many. However, a few spritzes from your reliable setting spray levels up your foundation game.

The spray’s formula helps lock in your makeup so that it stays in place for a long time. Furthermore, the setting spray also contributes to the foundation’s longevity by creating a seal between the makeup and the busy outside world. Consequently, the product prevents it from fading, creasing, and melting through the day.

Key Takeaways

We all want to look fresh at all times. However, even though we put in considerable time and effort for a flawless natural makeup look, our foundation will tend to slide down greasy faces. With the humid weather and daily blunders, your base will not remain crease-free.

To improve the wear-time of your foundation, try to integrate these foundation tips and tricks into your usual makeup regimen. Integrate the practice of a good skincare routine into your daily lifestyle. Never forget to moisturize and prime.

Proper application of your foundation base will also save you from a lot of trouble. Sealing your face with a translucent powder and a setting spray ensures the longevity of your foundation.

These hacks may just be the saving grace to ensure your makeup stays fresh all day!


Penelope Martinez is a content marketing professional for Garnier Philippines, a skincare brand that aims to help women express their natural beauty and offers a natural way to skin so healthily that it glows. She is passionate about skincare and is an advocate of sustainability and natural ingredients. In her free time, she loves to travel, listen to music, spend time with her friends, and discover new skills.