Break Your Wedding

5 Things That Can Make Or Break Your Wedding

Break Your WeddingPlanning a wedding includes many different aspects and details for an event that lasts several hours and is hopefully unforgettable. Although there dozens of different parts of the wedding to plan, there are a few aspects that can either make or break the wedding day.

1. The Ceremony and Reception Music

Music is an important part of the wedding that will determine the overall mood of both the ceremony and reception. It’s important to have an equal balance of the latest hits, as well as classics that everyone is familiar with. It can easily make the wedding by allowing people to dance, but can also break it if the music isn’t upbeat enough to allow the guests to have a bit of fun.

2. Your Wedding Venue

The venue that the wedding is hosted at is one of the key features of the wedding that will determine the overall setting and atmosphere. Destination weddings are traditionally the most exotic and beautiful, set in stunning locations that offer incredible backdrops. Outdoor weddings should be set in a unique and beautiful location, as Hawaiian, Jamaican, and Cape Cod weddings are some of the most popular types. If the location is impressive enough, it will make for an amazing wedding, but if it’s set in a bland or boring location, it will also break the event.

For those getting married in a venue, it’s important to have beautiful architecture that is unique and does not feel like it’s set in a plain setting.

3. The Weather on the Wedding Day

The weather at a wedding will either make or break the event, leaving guests to feel either comfortable or wanting to run indoors. For weddings that are planned in the fall or winter, it’s important to have a back-up plan on where the wedding is held should the weather change.

For outdoor weddings during the warmer months, hand fans should be provided to guests to keep them cool. Overhead draperies and tents can also be used to keep the sun out.

4. The Presentation and Variety of the Food

Guests often come hungry to weddings and have to wait at least an hour until they’re served dinner at the reception. It’s important for the food to have a great taste while being served with a professional presentation, along with an ample variety for those with different tastes. However, the food can also break the event if it’s too bland or tastes generic.

5. The Overall Decor

The decor make for a great wedding and mood that guests feel when they arrive, making it important to have plenty of backdrops, classy linens, and beautiful centerpieces that add plenty of detail. DIY decor is appropriate to use in moderation, but should be paired with formal decor that is purchased or rented for a balanced look that doesn’t appear too handmade. If too many handmade items are used, it will break the event and make it appear cheap or inexpensive.

Although there are many different details to plan for any type of wedding, it’s important to spend the most time on the five main features that will ultimately determine how much guests enjoy themselves at the event. It will also make it more enjoyable as the bride and groom for a day that is truly unforgettable.


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