How to Look Beautiful

5 Tips on How to Look Beautiful

How to Look BeautifulThe very term “ugly” has become obsolete long since the introduction of cosmetics. With wide variety and range of cosmetics available in the market bad looks is no more a problem. Only what is required is the right choice of products, colors and method of application. Cosmetics worn the proper way can lead to unbelievable results in the form of transformation of original looks. However, beauty does not simply depend on looks but much beyond that.

Beauty is more of a concept that includes everything ranging from a healthy skin to healthy hair. The welfare of these however does not solely depend on cosmetics but skin care products. The basic skin care regime includes the four fold process of cleansing, occasional scrubbing, toning and moisturizing. With innumerable skin suitable beauty products available in the market each is likely to find one of her kind. The hair care routine however includes oiling and hair washes apart from spa treatment. These having followed, half the job of looking beautiful is done since the idea of beauty is dominated by beautiful skin and hair. Now if any part of body or face seems dull mould it up with effective cosmetics to give the bling!

The following make up tips are more than enough to turn you into a new you, a beautiful you:

1. Make up Base

Choose a foundation that has a similar color as that of your complexion. Don’t ever choose a lighter shade foundation as it would emphasize the use of make up on your face. Apply it on face by hand rather than any brush or sponge. It is because they soak in the moisture and causes difficulty in blending which otherwise becomes easy with the finger’s natural warmth. While applying foundation make sure that it blends well with and does not mark the neckline and ear lobes.

2. Enhance your Eyes

Eyes form the most expressive part of human body. In other words eyes are the doorway to human mind. So it is but natural for them to draw attention once highlighted. False eyelashes can work as wonders to eyes that need to be defined. However some find them really hard on first trial. They can cause damage to your eyes if not worn properly. After having put the glue wait for it to dry as much as eighty percent and then stick on to your eyes thereby providing neatness.

Eye lashes are to be applied only on the completion of the eye makeup which includes shadow, liner and mascara. For day time use natural colors such as nude and beige, for night time especially for the purpose of party use dark shades of eye shadow that might vary from black to brown to purple and so on. Colors such as purple, hot pink, green are good for fair complexion. Bronze and silver are equally good with fair and dark complexion. To add sparkle to the eye makeup and make it stay longer one can use sugar water to brush up the eye lid.

3. Focus on One Feature

Women are always suggested to choose any one particular feature on the face for highlighting. In case you don’t want much eye makeup, you can do away with it and focus on the lips since they form the best and the most sensuous part of the face after eyes. Begin with a lip liner; fill in with the color of your choice keeping in mind the occasion, the trend and the complexion type. This is to be followed by gloss to bring in the shine. For glitzy lips one can add glitter to it. Color like red is warm and is obviously the season’s best. But in case the eye makeup is heavy go light on the lips. Use neutral colors to be on the safe side.

4. Enhance your Cheeks

As is always said high cheek bones are an asset. They are perfect for sporting amazingly hued blush on. However, application of blush on only to the cheeks has gone out of fashion. Bright colors are also out of trend. The application process that follows is extension of the blush brush from the temple to that of the cheeks. A large brush is the key to success.

5. Use of Shimmer

The common notion regarding shimmer is that women look older with them. But the fact is application of shimmer in a small quantity very efficiently reflects back the light hiding the wrinkles and fine lines in turn.

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