Garden Wedding Tips

5 Tips When You Are Planning A Garden Wedding!

Garden Wedding TipsA wedding is an important event for every woman. She wants this day to be perfect as it is considered one of the best moments in life. Planning and preparing a wedding is usually very emotional and sometimes stressful a thing, but after it is done, people mostly remember the good part of it.

Many people dream for a different, unique wedding, as they don’t like being ordinary. For this reason, some of them decide to have an outdoor wedding, risking having everything ruined by bad weather conditions. Garden weddings are a good choice for many reasons, but mostly because they are beautiful and romantic. Surrounded by so many pretty and lovely-scented flowers is simply amazing. What’s more, if the weather turns out not so agreeable, all the guests can go inside and continue the ceremony under the shelter of the house where no wind will blow and no rain will fall.

However, apart from that, there are many things to have in mind when planning a garden wedding. Have a look at the tips provided in this article.

1. Provide Comfort To Your Guests

Priority number 1 should be guests’ comfort. If you are gong to use uncomfortable garden furniture, make sure you provide soft pillows for your guests. Also, if the weather is too hot, don’t let them melt in the sun. Provide fans, big umbrellas; cold liquids and anything that will help the people cool themselves.

2. Provide The Appropriate Decoration

When you are having a garden wedding, you don’t need much decoration, especially if the ceremony takes place during summer. However, you want to make sure the ground is raked and the grass is mown. The variety of flowers allows for colorful and fresh decoration. So make use of them when wondering what accessories to have.

3. Think About The Menu

Outdoor wedding menu can be slightly different from the indoor wedding one. It basically depends on the kind of weather you are going to experience on the day of the ceremony. For example, if it is hot, it is strongly recommended that you avoid mayonnaise and other food that may not do well in the heat. Instead pick up something milder and fresh. And have cold servings like ice cream or icy drinks. However, if the weather is not going to be as warm as you expect it, be sure to provide hot drinks.

4. Consult An Expert

If you want to have a really nice garden wedding, the best thing you can do is to consult somebody who does that hundreds of times a year. Wedding consultants will take care of everything and you won’t worry that you might miss doing something in the process. In addition, wedding agencies will prepare everything leaving you time to think about your wedding dress and costume.

5. Provide A Back Up Plan

Always have in mind that things can be easily ruined and that plan A may not be enough. Make sure you have plan B and sometimes even plan C in case something doesn’t go the way you expect it. For instance, think about what you are going to do if it rains on the special occasion. Even if the weather forecast promises a warm and sunny day, rain may still come as a surprise. Imagine the wind is too strong and you can’t hear what the marriage officiate is saying or if the lighter furniture is blown away. So be sure to arrange for a shelter where you and all the guests could go if you don’t get lucky enough with the weather.

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