Outdoor Wedding Venue

6 Ingenious Design Tips for an Outdoor Wedding Venue

Whether it’s the simplicity of your own garden or the help of the sea breeze, an outdoor wedding can create a unique atmosphere that both you and your guests will always remember.

To make your outdoor wedding even more unforgettable, here are some practical design tips you can implement.

1. Choose the Location of Your Dreams

Where do you see your big day? Maybe it’s a destination wedding on one of the Northland Wedding Venues with extraordinary views overlooking vines and the ocean, or perhaps at a charming small garden of your parents’ home?

Either way, go for the venue that fits you and your partner’s personality and try to keep your guests’ needs at your mind. But before you opt for a particular venue, knowing how many guests you’re expecting

will save you from headaches down the road.

2. Pick Your Theme

Your choice of the theme will set the tone of the wedding and guide every aesthetic decision made from that point on. No wonder this can be quite a daunting commitment to make.

But before you make a decision, ask yourself – do you want to go the romantic route, a traditional one, or keep things fresh and modern?

  • For a romantic wedding, you will need soft hues, plenty of florals, and delicate lighting.
  • A whimsical wedding is hard to imagine without quirky, bohemian components and bright splashes of color. Use design elements such as punchy floral arrangements, streamers, multicolored balloons, and mismatched chairs.
  • Indian wedding themes are colorful and full of flowers, with traditional decor implemented.
  • You don’t necessarily need a beach for a tropical wedding, just laid-back décor with plenty of plants (neon florals and palm fronds) and a signature beachy cocktail.

Again, consider which themes resonate with you as a couple or at an individual level, and then let your imagination run wild and lead your choice.

3. Decor

Greenery has the power to add a sense of natural elegance and life to wedding decor, so use nature around your venue to help you with the decorations.

Depending on the location, try to include seasonal flowers. You can go for giant tropical leaves, olive branch wreaths, garlands of eucalyptus, or potted ferns. Wherever you decide to add it, it will look great.

For the extra touch, use strings of lanterns or lights in the trees. Like fireflies in the night, string lighting will add serious whimsy to your reception.

You can also consider adding a trellis to your wedding to focus the ceremony on the bride and groom.

4. Reuse and Repurpose

When planning your wedding design, think about the things you already own that would help with your decorations and add that extra touch of intimacy. While saving your wedding budget, you also get another benefit – your wedding will feel like “you.”

“Do it yourself” wedding decor has also become increasingly popular. From photo booths to signage, DIY wedding elements can be an easy and affordable way to involve your friends and family in the wedding process and, at the same time, save some money.

Reusing certain décor elements, such as ceremony backdrop or seating, throughout your day can also save you a lot of time and money.

5. Paper Fans and Blankets

Outdoor weddings are usually hot. Go a step further and provide your guests with a paper fan on their seats. This act of kindness will definitely be noticed by everyone present.

As a matter of fact, paper fans can have multiple purposes. Besides easing the heat of the warm summer day, you can also use them to inform your guests of the activities that await them.

And when the day turns into night, the temperature will begin to drop down, so offer your guests blankets to wrap themselves with.

6. Food and Drinks

When deciding on your food and drink menu, think about the season and location. If you’re planning a summer wedding, consider finger foods or salads and lighter, fruity drinks.

For a colder fall wedding, consider serving warm beverages such as mulled wine or apple cider and adding an apple appetizer or dessert.

Always prepare for all types of weather, and use these practical tips to truly enjoy the best day of your life.


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