Must Haves at Your Wedding
Must Haves at Your Wedding

6 Must Haves at Your Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Now that your big day is right around the corner, you want to make sure that you’re not missing any key elements that will make the wedding event a success.

However, before we go ahead, we’re assuming you already have a venue –ha! How can there be a wedding without a venue?!- for the wedding yes? Good. Now, let’s move on to those things that you absolutely cannot do without on your wedding day.

1. Master of Ceremonies

You need someone to anchor the event –particularly the reception. So, you can either hire a professional MC or ask a friend to do it. Hopefully, you will find someone who is funny, exciting and warm to do this. The person doesn’t even have to have any experience.

Thanks to multiple Youtube videos and some other MC crash courses online, they can easily learn how to become one or at least learn enough to get them through the day without doing a poor job of it. Just make sure that whoever will be the MC is informed ahead of time so that they can have enough time to practice for the event.

2. Videographer

What’s a wedding without a videographer to document every second of the event? From the pre-wedding preparations to the interviews after the wedding, you want a professional who knows what he’s doing, uses the lighting to your advantage, never misses any special moment –whether it’s the kiss, the dance or the tender way he looks at you while you’re doing something else-, and finally puts it all together to create the perfect wedding photo album and video.

People often assume that an iPad or a smartphone can do all these. They can’t! Videographers like the guys at Polaroid Cube are trained to get you the perfect and flawless keepsake for that day. Their singular purpose is to get you the perfect shot from the perfect angle in the perfect light.

It’s their duty to make sure you’re a gorgeous couple that day. It’s your wedding day. If you’re going to scrimp on everything else, please don’t scrimp on the videographer. You will forget the food, you may not even remember the dress. But the video of that day, will be with you for years.

3. Food Vendors and Caterers

What’s a wedding without food and drinks? You should make the necessary arrangements for foods and drinks with the food vendors. As for your wedding cake, make the necessary arrangements with any caterer you prefer. For drinks, you might consider having an open bar with a barman who will be constantly available throughout the event.

4. Wedding Planner

If you’re planning your wedding yourself, skip this point. But if you will be hiring a wedding planner, ensure that they don’t just take care of the pre-wedding logistics, they should also be there on the wedding day to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Most wedding planners don’t need to be reminded of this, but it’s good to always have someone who you can blame if everything goes wrong –hopefully it won’t.

5. Music

This could be in the form of a DJ and/or a band. If you cannot afford either one, you can deputize someone – preferably a relative or friend who is really good with mixes- with a PC preloaded with a selection of songs and a home theater to help with that.

Music is crucial to the success of your wedding. Without it, the whole place would be without joy, laughter and merriment –and what’s a wedding without some laughter and music? It’s what makes it a celebration.  ,

6. Decorations, Flowers, and Bouquet

Decorations bring every wedding venue to life. They are the heart of a wedding venue’s ambiance. Without them, the venues would be boring, bland and lackluster. So, decorate the venue to your taste, have the bouquet, flowers and floral arrangements delivered by the florist on the said day.


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