Christmas Wedding Ideas

6 Tips for the Perfect Christmas Wedding

If you’re planning on holding your wedding during the Christmas season, you’re most likely hoping to infuse the magic of the holidays with your own special day. And what better time to celebrate the joining of two people than during the season of giving and family? Bringing your family together for this special occasion will provide the perfect setting for taking photos, reconnecting, and creating memories that will be above and beyond any other Christmas. You most likely have your own set of Christmas traditions and symbols, but here are the fundamentals you should incorporate into your wedding for the most festive celebration possible.

1. Keep it Red-and-Green Themed

Nothing represents Christmas better than rich green and dark red ornamentation galore! Incorporate red, green, or both into your wedding colors. This can apply to your dress, your cake, your wedding party’s clothing, and any other decoration you choose to adorn your venue with. A nice Christmas bouquet could include poinsettias, red roses, or branches of pine.

2. Serve Hot Chocolate

Make sure your guests have access to hot chocolate on tap at your wedding reception. It will keep them warm, and help them really get into the Christmas spirit. Set up a hot-cocoa bar with toppings like marshmallows, candy canes, and biscotti for any level of cocoa drinker. Serve the cocoa in glass coffee mugs for a classy touch.

3. Get Cozy-Chic with your Dress

Even if you don’t live in a chilly part of the world, nothing says Christmas like a fur shawl and delicate wedding boots. Play the part of an old-fashioned, sleigh-bells bride and cozy up your wedding attire. The Internet has countless examples of elegant and fashionable ways to cover up your wedding dress.

4. Hang Lights from Every Surface

While little electric lights are commonplace at most weddings, you don’t have to be afraid of overdoing it for your Christmas-themed one. In this case, the more lights the better to cast a warm, cozy glow all around your venue. White lights are always appropriate, and in this case some red, green, and gold would even work nicely. Drape them everywhere you can; around tables, along the walls, and hanging from a centerpiece or chandelier in the ceiling. Or decorate a space with a last name wedding sign made of LED neon lights. This will bring a classy glow to your evening, and you can choose from a wide variety of colors, style, fonts, or even your handwriting.

5. Revolve Everything around a Tree

What better centerpiece for your Christmas wedding party than a grandly decorated tree? It could serve as the perfect focal point for your festivities, either in the middle of the dining section or right behind the altar. All of your wedding gifts can go right underneath it for an extra festive look, as well. You could also substitute a guest book for ball ornaments that your guests can sign, leaving a short message for you to hang on the center tree and keep for future Christmases!

6. Let it Snow

The final touch for your special day should make it a full-on white Christmas wedding! This can be difficult to do, depending on the location of your wedding. If you have to fake it, buy a snow machine (or sprinkle it by hand) and douse the bride and groom in “snowflakes” at the commencement of the service. If you are lucky enough to see real snow, let everyone go out and play in the snow. This will provide lasting memories for your family and guests, as well as great photo opportunities for everyone involved.

Christmas weddings might be growing in popularity, but your own special fusion of your unique Christmas traditions and wedding fantasies will make your day stand out on its own. Get a skilled photographer to capture these moments, and you’ll be able to celebrate an extra holiday every Christmas season.


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