7 Low Key Bachelorette Party Ideas for a Bride Who Wants to Relax
7 Low Key Bachelorette Party Ideas for a Bride Who Wants to Relax

7 Low Key Bachelorette Party Ideas for a Bride Who Wants to Relax

As the maid-of-honor, you’re tasked with throwing a spectacular bachelorette party. It’s a night to make great memories and celebrate the bride-to-be. However, the party doesn’t have to be an all-night rager.

If the bride is content to chill with her best friends before her big day, check out these low key bachelorette party ideas.

1. Go to the Spa

Everyone needs to have a spa day every now and again. Why not plan a spa day for the bride and friends? It’s a great way to help everyone at the wedding relax and look great before the big day.

2. Have a Movie Night

Sometimes staying in and binging movies is the best kind of party. Find out the bride’s favorite movies and set up a luxury home theatre space, fit with snacks, comfy seats, and entertainment all night long. Have some games to play like Cards Against Humanity to play in between flicks.

Downtime between movies is also the perfect time for giving gifts.

3. Go Cafe Hopping

Forget bar hopping; go cafe hopping! Take a brunch bachelorette party to a whole new level by gathering up the bride and a few closer friends to go to different cafes and coffee shops in your area. It’s relaxing and you can all make it through the neighborhood and still arrive home before dark.

4. Painting Party

A unique bachelorette party idea is throwing a painting party. You can easily throw a party yourself by getting the necessary supplies like canvases, brushes, paint, aprons, and a guide video. Or, you can schedule a class.

Painting classes for parties are a popular idea. Many studios are “paint and sip” meaning you can bring wine or beer and have some drinks while you all paint.

5. Book a Yoga Retreat

Parties often feature alcohol, loud music, and long nights out. If the bride is looking for a low key bachelorette party, consider booking a yoga retreat. A lot of retreats boast luxury accommodations, great food, and experienced yoga instructors in a beautiful location.

Yoga retreats aren’t just for accomplished yogis either. Even if the folks in your party haven’t done yoga before, there will be classes for everyone. Say Namaste to this simple bachelorette party idea.

6. Go Camping

Spend a night out under the stars. Plan a camping trip for the bride and friends and pack tents, sleeping bags, and ingredients to make s’ mores. Is camping not your (or the bride’s) scene?

What about glamping? Glamping, or glamourous gaming, is a luxurious way to experience nature without having to give up amenities like plumbing. Check out these lovely and unique glamping locations for your glamping trip.

7. Book a Cooking Class

A cooking class is a fun and tasty party idea. You can book private cooking classes in person or have the classes come to you. A chef will come to the chosen home a guide participants through the steps of making a certain dish tailored around the preferences of the party.

Fun and Low Key Bachelorette Party Ideas

A bachelorette party doesn’t have to take place in bars or clubs. If the bride-to-be is interested in low key bachelorette party ideas, consider booking a yoga retreat or cooking class. Explore options like glamping, a painting party, cafe hopping, a movie night.

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