Eyelash Growth
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7 Things You Need to Know About Eyelash Growth Products

No serious beauty addict would pass up the opportunity to have long and luscious lashes. That’s why some consider mascara as a staple in their cosmetic kit, while others do not mind putting on falsies on a regular basis. There are even those who religiously get eyelash extensions even if the procedure does set them back some hundred or so dollars every few weeks. Now the good news is if you’re tired of buying tube after tube of mascara and are sick of putting on falsies or going to a salon to get extensions, you now have a more convenient option to consider. Eyelash growth products have recently become popular, with the introduction of non-prescription counterparts to bimatoprost, the FDA-approved eyelash grower.

Eyelash Growth

But before you whip out your credit card and purchase a bunch of lash conditioners, here are seven things that you will need to take note of, just to make sure that you are purchasing the best lash lengthener out there.

1. You don’t always get what you pay for:

This is sad but true as you should really get quality if you paid top dollar for something. However, in the case of lash serums, it’s better if you go for one that’s reasonably priced and has generally positive reviews.

2. Don’t forget to read the label:

Even with the most effective lash lengthening product, it may still contain ingredients that may trigger an allergic reaction. If you experience severe itching, redness, or swelling, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.

3. Reviews are essential:

You don’t want to waste money, right? So why not take some time to do some research while you’re online. It will take you less than an hour to skim through the good and bad points of the product you are keen on trying.

4. It pays to be patient:

Some lash conditioning products promise results in as early as two weeks but consider yourself as an exception to the rule and don’t quit using the product (if you’re not allergic to it) for at least eight weeks before you rule it out as ineffective.

Being patient may also mean being on the lookout for special deals. Manufacturers often offer special deals on their lash conditioners. This will help you replenish your supply if you have tried a particular brand that gave you the best results.

5. Results are not always permanent:

Here’s the undiluted truth: if you stop using these products, your lashes will go back to their previous state. It’s up to you then to either continue spending on lash lengthening treatments or look for another option that will make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller.

6. Apply as directed:

Packaging varies from one lash grower to another but most are similar to mascara or eyeliner tubes. It’s a must that you apply these formulas exactly as it says so in the product insert to avoid unwanted side effects.

7. Consult an expert when needed:

Yes, you bought an over-the-counter product, and yes, you are expecting that it’s a lot safer than bimatoprost. But don’t be too sure as there have been reports detailing potential side effects of these non-prescription eyelash growth treatments. If you feel that something’s not right or if there’s something off with the product you are using, it’s okay to ask your doctor or a healthcare provider for his/her opinion.


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