Wedding Ideas
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8 Super Amazing Wedding Ideas

Wedding Ideas
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Hey kids, it‘s time to start planning your next wedding! What better way to find out if your Jane or Joe truly is the one for you than to get the subject of your dream nuptials flowing. If you’re the high adventure type while your love honey wants nothing more than a traditional church wedding, it‘s better to find that out now.  What an awkward conversation to start though, right? So here are 8 extremely cool wedding ideas to help you get the ball rolling:

Go High

The sky is literally the limit when it comes to having lofty aspirations for your nuptials. If you are one of those people who not only does not hate heights, but loves them, then best make sure your boo does too because there‘s a ton of really cool options for your dream wedding in the clouds, starting with the classic tower theme. Have your bridesmaid deck out the express elevator to the top of the highest skyscraper in town, then step out onto the viewing platform with your entourage and let the ceremony begin! For best results, make it happen in the new London Orbit, or even the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – talk about an event to remember!

If that‘s too tame for you, try saying your I Do‘s while skydiving, if you can get a priest/minister/shaman (and a photographer!) who‘s game to go up too for some wacky action. If that just isn’t going to happen, drag your entire party out onto the safety of a bungee jumping platform high above some gorge, then, as soon as you’re done smooching, leave for your honeymoon in style: by jumping off!

Go Low

So your honey broke out in to a cold sweat at the mention of standing any further above the ground than on the kitchen chair. This is good to know! Because for the fear-of-heights engaged types, there‘s an easy solution: caves! Honestly, how awesome would it be to hear “til death do you part” deep in the bowels of the earth? You could even up the Wow factor by timing the ceremony with the feeding rhythms of the cave’s local bat population. Instead of doves you could have a million-strong colony of flying mice filling the air above you, as if on cue!  How cool would that be?!

Taking things down a notch or two (pun intended) why not get a real life submarine captain to hitch you? If a 3000 foot under-ocean journey (just the two of you, and the captain – very cozy!) doesn’t make you understand the depths of your love, you’ve got to ask yourself what will?

Go Hot

Ahh, the warmth of a lovely sunny spring day. What could more could a bride ask for? But this is all about extreme weddings, so our hot isn’t your grandma’s temperate Sunday afternoon, but the full blast madness of a desert wedding. How does Death Valley sound to you? Or the top of a grand Sahara sand dune? Whip out your bridal caftan, 70+ sunblock and awesome tribal turban (both bride and groom: we’re talking unisex outfits here!) and get ready to feel the heat of your burning love desire.

If the heat from our giant plasma star doesn’t do it for you, how about getting volcanic – on a volcano! Who says you can’t celebrate your new life together on the still warm embers of lava newly spawn from the bowels of the planet. How much more symbolic can you get!

Go Cold

Some people take months-long treks with dog sleds to the North Pole. True story! Some people like the cold, and if you and your snuggle bunny are of that human ilk, then a glacier wedding is just for you. It’s not as difficult as it sounds: there are glaciers everywhere! Kind of, at least for now. Seems they’re melting at a rapid rate, so if you really want to be able to stun and amaze your spawn’s progeny with tales of what Earth was like back in the Olden Days, hire an adventurous wedding photographer to take stunning shots of you as evidence that yes, organic ice really did use to exist.

But glaciers aren’t for everyone, so here’s another way to go cold without all that pesky snow and ice: get married in space! All you and your dear love have to do is get your third PhD in an extreme branch of astrophysics, apply for positions on the International Space Station, get accepted together, have someone else on board send away to a vague cult for an official minister’s license, get permission for a three person space-walk, and voila! you’re all set up for a wedding at -450°F. Maybe someday soon you’ll be able to bring your entire entourage, plus wedding photographer, caterer, etc with you but until space tourism really hits its stride, plan on it being what’s usually termed an intimate affair to remember.

If this list of amazing wedding ideas doesn’t get your Significant Other all jazzed up about the day you two will be bound together as one then it’s time to take your romance to a new place. Maybe, though, you’ll both agree that a simple ceremony and reception in your mother’s backyard is all you really want, and that’s good. You had to find that out. And now you know.


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